[Trending Now] Duterte Asks PNP Chief Dela Rosa To Investigate Killings Of “Black People” In America!!

Pres. Duterte hit back United States when he conducted a speech session in front of many policemen and law enforcers at the Regional Po...

Pres. Duterte hit back United States when he conducted a speech session in front of many policemen and law enforcers at the Regional Police Office 12 in General Santos City, last Friday, September 23.
The United States expressed its concern over the increase in the death toll here in the Philippines regarding illegal drug war but Pres. Duterte seemed to be equally concerned with the murder rate of “black people” in America.

The Philippine President was alarmed because of the series of assassinations of many black men in the United States which prompted him to send a “rapporteur” that will conduct investigations of the shoot-outs. The tough-talking President expressed his interests in conducting further investigations about the deaths of many black people in America.

“I told Bato (Dela Rosa), ‘Prepare a general who will be sent to America [as] rapporteur.’ Let him investigate and we are interested to the shooting of black people in America,” Duterte told the police officers.

Duterte mentioned the brutal murder of African-American Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scott, 43, was shot by police officer Brentley Vinson on Sept. 20. Because of Scott’s death, violence escalated in the place because of the many people who protested against the murder of an African-American native. The incident caused North Carolina governor Pat McCrory to declare a state of emergency. According to reports, Scott was defenseless when he was shot by the white-American police.  This incident caught Duterte’s attention and made him decide that such incident requires further investigations.

“I want their rapporteur to come here and tell me what have you done to the poor black people being shot defenseless” said Duterte.

Duterte pointed out that America has been active in investigating extrajudicial killings here in the Philippines but has been silent when it comes to the assassinations of black people in their country. Duterte also hit US as it tried to give him a lecture about “human rights” while ironically, black natives in America are suffering.

“I said, America [keeps on insisting to bring up] human rights. Now, Charlotte [has declared] state of emergency," Duterte said quoting from sunstar.com.

Because of this, Duterte has come to a point that the US and the European Union (EU) are exhibiting double standards when it comes to dealing with human rights violations. They had been overlooking Duterte’s war against drugs which caused them to be blinded by the rising number of black people being murdered in the America.

In an article released by The Huffington Post, black males who are aged 15-34 are 9 times more likely to be slain by police in US compared to other demographics. The Washington Post also released a figure which states that 258 black people were shot dead by American police in 2015. They believed that one of the factors affecting these numbers are the fact that the Police Force in US has been dominated by white Americans.

Meanwhile, Duterte also criticized the United Nations for being selective of the country it investigates. He also said that skin color should not ne the standard on who will be investigated and who will be not.

“Just because you are white and just because you are there does not give you any superiority at all and form your own paradigm of what country should be investigated and what cannot," said Duterte with the tone of anger in his voice.
Source: TNP, Rappler


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