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[Trending Now] MUST READ: Jinggoy Estrada told Senator Leila De Lima: 'Who are you to demand? Shame on you!'

Known for being a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte's controversial administration, Senator Leila De Lima has been arreste...

[Trending Now] Addy Raj Wishes He 'Can Lose [His] Virginity Here.'

Currently starring in GMA-7 's ' Meant To Be ' as one of its leading men, Addie Raj recently shared that Filipinos love him ...

[Trending] University Professor Asks Straight People The Questions Gay People Are Tired of Hearing

For LGBTQ people, especially those living in less tolerant spheres, ignorant questions about their identities are painfully common. A univer...

[Trending] When This Guy Decided To Get Revenge On A Rude Airline Passenger, He Didn’t Know It Would End Like This

Travelling can be an exhausting and annoying experience on its own, but when snobby passengers are involved… The trip could be especially ir...

[Trending Now] Senator Leila De Lima Goes Through Booking Process and Speaks at Press Con Before Being Detained at Camp Crame

On Friday , February 24 , 2017 , Senator Leila De Lima presented herself to the arresting team sent by the PNP outside the Philippine S...