[Trending Now] 10 Reasons Why Guys Love Big Booties More Than Ever!

Men are known to be creatures who set their own standards when it comes to their “perfect” girl. It is understood that there really is no ...

Men are known to be creatures who set their own standards when it comes to their “perfect” girl. It is understood that there really is no “perfect” girl since preferences differ from one person to the other but the standards of men in choosing their partner are greatly influenced by “trends”. Men are easily influenced with trends which make them fantasize of what the female body should look like. This prompted men to set the characteristics their partners should have.

It is not as questionable it seemed when one man wants a skinny type of girl and the other one wants a curvy-shaped woman in front of him. As said earlier, people have different preferences. According to therechest.com, what trends today for men are female with curvy bodies and big booties. Because of constant change, society’s standards are also constantly changing. No one knows when this big-booty trend will stop just as when nobody knew this would even trended. However, no matter what the choice a man will take, at the end of the day he has to choose someone who is willing to be with him until the end of his life. Meanwhile, here are the top 10 reasons why men are enjoying ladies with bid booties.

10.) Men notice big booties first.
-The perception of men of what is the “perfect” female body relies of how big the booties of a woman are. According to Science, men will automatically assess how big female booties are after they checked how big their breasts are. Men always wanted to get the best of the two. For them, a female having big breasts and big booties make their ideal female body complete.

9.) Men can put beer on big booties.
-The trend of men putting beer on their women’s body went viral that it made other people put not only beer but as well as other things such as plates of food, umbrella and sometimes their own head. They lay rest on their women’s booties failing to realize that their heads weigh tons which makes a woman feel uncomfortable of the position. This kind of a trend is not only for the purpose of men’s relaxation but they also use this to show-off what the booty of their woman can do. Pictures about what the booty of their woman can carry circulates the internet which means it is an effective way exercising men’s bragging rights.

8.) Men love to grind up on a woman’s big booty
-One of men’s considered “moves” is getting a girl in a club, dance with her and rub himself against her big booty. Some people consider this as an awkward move especially when a man has not yet taken that woman’s name but it does not matter to them. They just love women’s big booty to be their grinding cushion.

7.) Big booties opens up men’s mind.
-A man who date a girl who does not conform to his ideal standard of “sexy female body” is someone having a true character of himself. Dating someone even though she cannot pass your own standards is showing that a man has an open mind. If big booties were taken out of the trend but a man is still into a woman who got big booties, it can be considered that the man indeed is a keeper. When the trend of having big booties worn off but a man still keeps interest to a woman, it can be concluded that there is something there that is more than just the physical attraction.

6.) Men love songs talking about big booties.
-Most of the songs that go on the popular trend talk about big booties. Songs like Sir Mix-A-Lot’s hit song Baby Got Back, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious, Jennifer Lopez‘s Booty and Meghan Trainer’s All About That Bass are just few which are on the list. Almost every rap songs mention big booties and they use heavy big booty images on their videos. Since media are great influencers, perhaps men’s perception of ideal body is affected by what they see on their television and smartphone screens.

5.) Men are attracted to the curve made by the spine.
- A recent study showed that when 100 men between ages of 17 to 34 rated silhouettes of women from side angle, they preferred to choose “uber-bendy images”. The curves made of the spine of the women attracts men as it pushes the women’s booty wo be pushed out. So while other are believed to be attracted of the size of the booty, study shows that it is the curve that attracts men.

4.) Big booties are something men love to grab
- Generally, men are stimulated by what they see which makes them want to touch it. When men see big booties, their response is to grab a hold of it. Grabbing big booties of a woman shows how much a man is into her. 

3.) Big booties prevent pants from being saggy
- The jeans that fit a person is not guaranteed to fit to the other person. This is the reason why skinny people find it hard to find a pair of jeans that would fit their booties. Women with big booties look gorgeous in the eyes of their men because their booty can fill in the behind part of the pants which prevents it to look saggy.

2.) Pop Culture affects the big booty trend
- As mentioned earlier, men are easily influenced by what they see in media. What media portrays greatly affects the perception of a man to his ideal perfect body. The more the media is promoting big booties to be ideal, the more men are going wild after this. Some celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez made their own way of promoting big booties to be the definition of what is “sexy”. 

1.) Big booties are sign of good health and vitality
- Studies made by psychologist Gordon G. Gallup Jr. suggests that women with big booties are more likely to bear a child with no problem and it shows how healthy a woman is. Having big booties show capability of giving easy childbirths and this attracts men after all. 
Meanwhile, in order to have a perfect size and shape of booty, a woman should do some work-out. This has proven to enhance the quality of the booty of every woman. In addition, men are also attracted to women going out on a gym to work out.
Source: TNP , Therichest


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