[Trending Now] Honest Taxi Driver Who Returned an iPhone to an Irate Passenger, Got A Surprise From Raffy Tulfo!

Raffy Tulfo just proved that all good deeds don't come unnoticed.  On his program RaffyTulfoInAction , he surprised the taxi driver ...

Raffy Tulfo just proved that all good deeds don't come unnoticed. 

On his program RaffyTulfoInAction, he surprised the taxi driver who returned an iPhone from Singapore to an irate passenger. 

Roberto Elliot, a taxi driver went viral when the news that he returned an iPhone to a passenger hit the social networking sites. While other people and netizens praised him for what he did, the passenger did otherwise. 

Instead of thanking Roberto, he was angered and became irate at the driver who just showed exemplary honesty and an impeccable moral code. 

Because of this, a lot of people got mad at the passenger and Roberto also got their sympathy. 

RaffyTulfoInAction invited both Roberto and the passenger on his program. He talked to the both of them and asked for both sides of the coin. Upon realizing what happened, he then lectured the passenger about his behavior. 

Tulfo who is known for his hard-hitting commentaries, didn't hesitate to make sure that the passenger learned his lesson about arrogance and learning to thank people and accepting their kindness. 

He then proceeded and talked to Roberto. He said that he is fully on his side and he admired his kindness and honesty. After praising Roberto, he revealed that he had a surprise. 

Representatives from Cellboy Enterprise, presented Roberto a new Samsung Galaxy 7. Aside from the phone, they also gave him some freebies including a powerbank, assorted cases for the phone and such. 

Roberto was surprised, jubilant and grateful for everything he received. 

But that's not all. 

Tulfo also gave 15,000php to Roberto to go home to Bicol for the Holy Week. 

Truly, a good deed reaps better blessings.

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Source: TNP , Facebook


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