[Trending Now] 'Ingat ka lang talaga.. kasi hindi lahat ng tao may pasensya' - Actress Elizabeth Oropesa Dares Singer Jim Paredes

Award-winning actress Jacquelin Elizabeth Freeman , known to many as Elizabeth Oropesa , posted a viral video on Facebook of her criticism...

Award-winning actress Jacquelin Elizabeth Freeman, known to many as Elizabeth Oropesa, posted a viral video on Facebook of her criticism of OPM singer Jim Paredes for physically confronting the members of Duterte Youth during a rally held at EDSA

He was quoted in saying: "He (Duterte) even told the citizens, patayin n'yo ang mga addict. Sabi niya sa mga pulis, 'pag walang baril, mag-iwan kayo ng baril. Hindi n'yo naririnig iyun? Total denial pa kayo. Wake up, Pilipino tayo!" 

For her part, Oropesa stated that Mr. Paredes’ recent clash with the Duterte Youth had affected her personally. She asked if Mr. Paredes would dare treat her the same way he treated those young people.

“Sasabihin mo rin sakin yun?.. look at me look at me… ilalapit mo rin yung mukha mo sa muka ko?” Oroposa asked on video.

“Sana wag bigyan ng pagkakataon na magkita tayo.. tapos gawin mo sakin yun..” Oropesa added.

The actress admitted that public speaking is not her forte, but she still wished to express her thoughts on what happened during the rally. 

She reminded the singer that they both belong to the showbiz industry so his actions look ‘ugly.’ She claimed that his actions made the legendary singer look like the coward. 

“I’m so disappointed, kasi kahit na... kahit na hindi gusto ung gusto mo, igagalang parin kita eh. Hindi ko maubos sa isip na magagawa mo yun. Sana wag mo na ulitin.” the actress says. 

She even went so far as to dare, or seemingly challenge,  Paredes to confront her if they should ever meet.

“Ingat ka lang talaga.. kasi hindi lahat ng tao may pasensya..hindi lahat ng tao kaya mo.. baka makatapat ka ng isang taong hindi ka sasantuhin” Oropesa said. 

Elizabeth Oropesa is an open supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte during the election period.  

Watch her video criticism here:

The Facebook video has garnered over 648K views, 22K reactions, and 15.4K shares as of writing.

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Source: TNP , Facebook


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