[Trending Now] The True Story Behind This Haunting 9/11 Attack Picture Of A Man Falling From The Twin Towers!

During the tragic incident of terrorist attack on September 11 , 2001 , a photographer by the name of Richard Drew accidentally took a ph...

During the tragic incident of terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, a photographer by the name of Richard Drew accidentally took a photograph of an unknown man falling from the Twin Towers. This photograph became very famous because reports said that it is the only photograph showing the dying moment of a victim. 

In a video uploaded by time.com in their website, Drew narrated that when he saw that the Twin Towers are on fire, he started taking pictures of what is happening around him and that was also the moment he accidentally captured what is now known as the "Falling Man". He added that the photograph is very unique in a way that it does not portray violence unlike the ones taken in other disasters where often times one can see blood or people getting shot. This photograph possesses calmness but has caused people to relate to it and react in a way that if they were the ones in the photograph, they could have made the same decision the man in the photograph has made.

As seen in the photograph, the falling man perfectly bisects the two World Trade Centers like an arrow shot downwards and because of this, it gained popularity and fame. It was published and used by different newspapers in U.s for days as it is the only photograph that shows the interaction between human and the disaster as newspapers before only showed pictures of the buildings on fire or the planes that are believed to be the ones used by the terrorists. However, some newspapers also chose not to use the photograph because of its obscurity and it may take a lot of time and effort for one to process it.

Until now, no one has proven the identity of the man but reports said that the man may have been attempting to escape from the collapsing building. When he realized that there is no way to escape, he chose to just jump out of it instead. He was also believed to be an employee of Windows of the World, a restaurant located at the top of the north tower. According to time.com, the subjectivity of the photograph is less important than the fact that the Falling Man became an icon and a symbol of what America has been during the tragedy; "a makeshift Unknown Soldier in an often unknown and uncertain war, suspended forever in history." quoting time.com.

Source: TNP , Time , YouTube


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