[Trending Now] BREAKING NEWS! De Lima Begged Marcelino Not To Reveal Her Involvement in Bilibid Drug Trade!

It was confirmed that Sen . Leila De Lima visited Lt . Col . Ferdinand Marcelino while being detained on March 2016 , which also happene...

It was confirmed that Sen. Leila De Lima visited Lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino while being detained on March 2016, which also happened to be the campaign period of the 2016 elections.

It can be recalled that Marcelino was arrested in a drug den in Manila, last January 2016. According to the Headquarter Support Service (HSS), a certain government secretary has paid Marcelino a visit on March 27, 2016. The PNP Anti-Illegal Drug Group (PNP-AIDG) wrote a formal letter addressed to HSS asking for the details and information about the visit on March. The HSS had confirmed that it was Sen. Leila De Lima who visited Marcelino. By then, she was still the Department of Justice Secretary.

The said visit has been approved by former PNP Chief Ricardo Marquez. According to HSS, they received a go signal from Marquez’s team before they let De Lima see Marcelino. They also added that the visitation lasted for more than an hour.

According to PNP spokesperson Pssupt. Dionard Carlos:
“As per HSS Dir. PCSupt. Philip Phillipps Persons under custody (detainees) may list names of people they authorize to visit (them) other than what the law allows. If the person intending to visit is not among those aforementioned, only the CPNP can grant authority (and with the detainee’s consent).”

There is still no clarification as to why De Lima visited Marcelino but the officials are investigating the issue further especially they are trying to confirm if the visit has anything to do with illegal drug trade. The officials are trying to seek more information about the visitation especially that they have strong evidences that Marcelino is really involved with the proliferation of drugs in Bilibid. 

On the other note, it can be recalled that De Lima released a statement that somebody is using and forcing Marcelino to testify against her. The said claim was then debunked by Marcelino stating that nobody coerced or pressured him to speak against the Senator.

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN


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