[Trending Now] 15-years-old Girl Got The Worst Gift: Molested Repeatedly At A Party

Yesterday, at San Mateo , Rizal , a 15-year-old girl came to the authorities to complain that she...

Yesterday, at San Mateo, Rizal, a 15-year-old girl came to the authorities to complain that she was being taken advantage of 3 men in a party. The victim was the gift for one of the suspects who is celebrating his birthday.

Authorities got a hold of the suspects and when the victim saw them, she became emotional. Edrian Peregrino who is one of the suspects got arrested after the victim confirms.

However, Peregrino denies that he is part of the scheme but then pinpoints two other men namely Adrian Padayao, 19-years old and Edgie Tamone, 20-years-old. The two suspects were not found when authorities came at their residence.

Ella Tuesta, a friend of the suspect was captured due to being the one who picked out the gift for the suspect. When they all got drunk, the suspects took advantage of the victim.

When the victim went home, Monday at dawn, her body was covered with bruises and scars.

The suspect claimed that she was molested many times and there was even a time when the three suspects molested the victim all at the same time.

According to reports, Peregrino was seen on the CCTV of the barangay fetched the victim after he ushered Tuesta.

Authorities are still in search of the two suspects and will be charged of [email protected] and child abuse.

One of the relatives of the victim claimed that the 15-years-old girl asked permission to go to a birthday party with Tuesta. 

Source: TNP, GMA


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