[Trending Now] WATCH: Mocha Uson Did An Interview With A Swedish Journalist And Urged International Media To Be Fair.

Mocha Uson has once again attempted another documentary-ish video to defend the President Duterte . The sexy star - singer has been a su...

Mocha Uson has once again attempted another documentary-ish video to defend the President Duterte. The sexy star-singer has been a supporter of Duterte ever since from the campaigns. She gained many supporters as well as haters for her devouted support to the President. 

In the video, she did an interview with Susan Ritzen, a journalist from the Swedish Television SVT. According to Ritzen, she went to the Philippines to better understand the love of Filipinos to Duterte that might have been the reason why they are turning a blind eye on the increasing death toll related with illegal drugs. She said she wants to understand the Filipino people and to why they are very engaged in supporting the President. 

Uson then navigated the discussion as to why International media has been misrepresenting the administration when it comes to their war on drugs. Ritzen answered to saying that journalists try to pick up the juiciest parts of any speech or interview, or what is referred to as "soundbites". She explained how Duterte makes a lot of jokes and might be the ones which get picked up by the media as it becomes more controversial. She also said that news are made up of many pieces. And as a responsible journalist, there should be a balance of understanding the different sides to make the whole news. She then asked the help of Mocha Uson to better understand the PH's context in this war on drugs. 

Mocha, in the last part of the video, urged the International Media to be fair and better understand the Philippine context before judging the President. 

Source: TNPMochablogger


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