[Viral] I Document My Kids Spending Idyllic Summers Without Computers

Once again I wanted to present my series that I have been creating since 2012. I capture my children and their cousins during the holidays in the countryside, where they usually spend more than a month each summer. Children come to idyllic natural setting to spend time without a computer, internet, or Playstation. I am very glad that for a while I can feel like in my childhood. I watch them, often participate in games or even invent them. There, I’m happy…
I would like my children to enjoy such a carefree childhood as long as possible. Currently, children are 13, 9, 9 and 6-years-old, enjoying their summer with my two dogs Tosia and Leia, and dogs in the neighborhood. You can find more perfect summer moments on the previous post here.
I take pictures with Canon5D Mark III, usually with lens 50mm f 1.4, sometimes 85 mm f 1.2.
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[Feauture] Black and White picture of my kids

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