[Trending Now] Rhian Ramos Shows Her First Love Scene On Screen With Piolo Pascual!

Piolo Pascual and Rhian Ramos Lovemaking

It is a rare occasion to see movies that have actors and actresses from different networks. Most of the times, the networks of each star claim that they only want them to have projects with them. 

But some lucky stars are given the opportunity to work with other actors from the other network. Like this team up of Piolo Pascula and Rhian Ramos. They will be starring in the Indie film entitled "Silong".

This film will be closing the  that will be held in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Cinemalaya Film Festival

The most awaited part of the story is the first ever love scene of Rhian Ramos since she started acting. 

The film was directed by Jeffrey Hidalgo and Roy Sevilla. 

This is certainly a movie that you shouldn't miss! What can you say about Piolo and Rhian's team up? Share us your thoughts below. 


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