The Best Relationship Goals: A couple became fit from fat to Fab within 4 months Amazing Result!!

Best Relationship Goals

All couples have a picture or a vision of the perfect kind of relationship that they wanted to have. People over the social media sites came up with the term 'Relationship Goals' to show other people what they wanted to have if they were inside a commitment. 

Some claim that they wanted to have romantic times. Some say that they wanted to be gamers. But for this couple, exercising was their goal. 

Song Jin Yoo and Sjin Ji Hoo wanted to make their bodies look great. So they decided to go to the gym and have a proper diet. 

Within four months of going to the gym together, their goals were achieved.

Their daily routine includes 1 and a half hours of weight lifting twice a week and 3 hours a day of aerobics. 

The results of their determination and hard work paid off as you can see in the photos. Both of their bodies are good looking now. 

Source: EliteReaders

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