[Todays Viral] Tragic story of true love. A must watch short film!

Tragic story of true love. A must watch short film!

Most of the rich people can't accept the partner of their children is not as wealthy as they are.

This is a story of a rich man's daughter who fell in love with an average guy from her school. They first met during a gang fight. The following day, she waited for him to give him a thank you gift for saving her from being involved in the gang fight.

They often see each other, and slowly, they realized that they both fell for each other. But then, the father of the girl wanted her to break up with him.

Because of so much frustration, she ran away from home and went to the home of her boyfriend. But then it seems that she's not feeling well, until she fainted.

She was brought to the hospital to receive medical treatments, but then her father didn't allow her boyfriend to come near her.

In the end, the guy died after being shot by some random guy from the gang fight.

She felt so lonely upon hearing the news.

Source: MonoGlobal TV

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