[Trending] Someone Created An Instagram For A Soup Ladle And Its 63k Followers Can’t Get Enough Of Its Adventures

The Loch Ness Monster is real, but instead of a lake, it lives in someone’s soup.  Oh, and instead of being a mythical beast, it’s… a ladle....

The Loch Ness Monster is real, but instead of a lake, it lives in someone’s soup.  Oh, and instead of being a mythical beast, it’s… a ladle. But  he has a name, and the name is Samson. Samson, the ladle, was introduced to this world with a series of pictures in which he was presented his daily routine which even included his work and even his favourite TV series. Being Samson, the cutest ladle ever, it did not take long before it receive lots of attention from people who demanded to see more of Samson’s life. And Samson did deliver, as today he even has an Instagram account with over 74 thousand followers, keenly following Samson and his adventures. Margaret, the owner of Samson the Ladle, told Bored Panda “I did not anticipate Samson going this viral. The original Samson post (Meet Samson) was really just me messing around with Snapchat. I did think it was pretty cute, which is why I shared it, but I didn’t think it would get that much attention.” She also added “I am actually really happy that it only takes a smartphone and a ladle to make these little stories people love. Samson’s a part of my life, kind of like a pet almost, and I’m so used to carrying him around that I forget that taking pictures of him isn’t normal. You can even tell in how I speak about Samson– I use the pronoun “him” instead of “it”. Samson’s cute, which makes people more likely to love him, and just slightly unexpected, and that makes him funny and relatable and fun to share. He’s also doing things about which many people can say “I’ve done that!”, and I think people like to see their own likes and activities in such a positive light. Like… When you have a good day, that’s one thing. But when someone else has a good day and it’s because they did the same thing you did (even if the thing is just going to taco bell or eating soup), you get to share in that joy. It makes the mundane feel special and profound, not just in their life, but in your own as well. I think that all happens in the background though, giving fuel to people’s enjoyment of him. For the most part I think they just like to see an adorable creature enjoying itself. And don’t we all?”

You can follow Samson’s adventures on Instagram.

Say hi to Samson

Image credits: samsontheladle

The world’s most famous ladle that has a job

He never avoids his duties

Even though sometimes a mistake can occur

Samson picks himself up and stands tall

After getting things done, Samson can relax

Samson is handy and helpful everywhere he goes

But to be such a good worker, Samson needs some time for himself

Which he uses wisely

Samson even has a rich social life

And not only with humans

And after his free time comes to an end

Samson returns to being the world’s most beloved ladle

People fell in love with Samson, the ladle

Source: BoredPanda


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