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“Chicks dig scars,” is something I often heard growing up, and strangely enough, this weird generalization helped me to accept and embrace t...

“Chicks dig scars,” is something I often heard growing up, and strangely enough, this weird generalization helped me to accept and embrace the scar I had foolishly gotten myself above my right eye.

But dated stereotypes can’t come to the rescue for everyone, and some people have scars that affect not only their self-esteem about their appearance but bring back genuinely traumatic memories every time they see them. Others are born with birthmarks no one asked for.  Being devilishly difficult things to erase sometimes, often the best way to take back control of your body image is by incorporating your marks into something positive, something that you chose yourself. Tattoo artists are incredibly talented and creative people who can often relish the extra challenge of working with a scar or a birthmark to create something truly unique. This list compiled by Bored Panda is full of beautiful, funny and downright genius ways that tattoos have transformed old wounds and marks, and healed some of the mental scars that came with them. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!



paw print tattoo

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Tatuagem realizada por

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Made use out of a birthmark

Image credits: hectorfong

Cool scar addition on Tyler today

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Forrest Gump

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Got to tattoo a ruby heart

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Nice Tatto

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Added some legs to Johnnyu2019s birthmark for funsies, hopefully it doesnu2019t crawl away!

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birthmark tattoo

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It was an absolute honour to tattoo this one

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Little galaxy on her birthmark

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scar tattoo

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Before and after pic of my birthmark. I hated it so much and would always try and cover it up, never wear my hair up cause I was self conscious of it. This is not something I would have ever thought to get but I absolutely love it. I did this for myself to help me feel more comfortable in my own skin

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lil planet

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Thank you so much to Linnea

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Physical pain is just a reminder that you are alive. This girl is a champion and fell asleep during this session. Thanks for trusting me with this process and giving me the freedom to change the design during our session. It really allowed me to explore this new style Im trying out. nText is not done by me.n.n. .

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Image credits: meninked

Always happy to help people with their scars as I have a few of my own (if you know me you know). If you are looking to do this with your scars make sure you go to someone with experience as it can make things worse.

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