[Trending] ‘That’s Incredibly Inappropriate To Post On Instagram’: A Client Tried To Lowball This Artist In The Worst Way Possible

When it comes to buying work from online artists, everyone’s a bloody critic. Like crocheter Krafty Katt already knows , ridiculing the pric...

When it comes to buying work from online artists, everyone’s a bloody critic. Like crocheter Krafty Katt already knows, ridiculing the prices artists carefully arrive at and justifying disrespectful counter-offers with ridiculous arguments happens way too often. Recently, reddit user I-Have-A-Headache got their own share of this absurdity.

“I don’t do commissions per se, I just paint when I have free time (I’m unemployed and taking a semester off school, so I have an incredible amount) and just nonchalantly sell it on my page,” the artist told Bored Panda. “People don’t usually haggle too much since my prices are usually very fair since this is more of a hobby rather than a means of income.”

“Also I haven’t been in the game super long, so I don’t get much business anyway,” they added. “This person was definitely an outlier and had been following my page for a while so I was kind of shocked that they had liked all my posts and would comment such encouraging things yet offer such a small amount of money for one of my more tedious, detailed pieces.”

I-Have-A-Headache’s artistic journey began in college. And believe me, this backstory is relevant to the story. “I was never really great with art growing up but after coming to a more art-oriented college to study biology, my two unsuspecting loves merged; art and human anatomy.”

“I met up with a guy on Tinder and our first date consisted of us running around at 2 am while he tagged the city. I didn’t see a huge appeal to just tagging your alias on a wall (plus I was awful at the ‘graffiti’ alphabet) so I started drawing anatomical hearts and (my favorite) vaginas.”

“I started distorting them to the point if you just glanced, it wouldn’t shout ‘vagina!’ The same Tinder guy encouraged me to make my first canvas piece (which sucked) but sold within 2 weeks for a pretty penny.”

Now that you’re fully informed, continue scrolling to read the exchange I-Have-A-Headache had with the refined art collector and tell us what you think about the whole ordeal in the comments.

Most online artists are very careful when pricing their works, but that doesn’t stop some from making disrespectful counter-offers


Image credits: Dennis van Zuijlekom (not the actual photo)

Even if it means providing the most absurd arguments

People were quick to react to the ridiculous exchange




Also, after a lot of readers asked to see the painting in question, here’s how the author responded


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