[Trending] Someone Tries To Attack A Lawyer Protecting Students’ Rights To Protest Gun Laws, Gets Shut Down Immediately

Pro-tip. If you are going to take on an attorney in a Twitter Spat, at least make sure you know basic terminology, otherwise you’re only gon...

Pro-tip. If you are going to take on an attorney in a Twitter Spat, at least make sure you know basic terminology, otherwise you’re only gonna end up looking stupid.

Texan man Wade Nix, who apparently joined Twitter thinking that “people with different views would actually talk civilly to each other,” and is shocked that people “would attack strangers for no apparent reason,” proceeded immediately to attack a stranger, and found that Twitter can be an unforgiving place.

The story began with the news that a school superintendent, for the Needville School District in Texas, threatened to punish any student who protested in support of gun safety. This outraged many people, who thought that it infringed on the kids’ rights to freedom of speech. One attorney decided to speak up and offer the kids some legal aid.

“I’m a Texas-barred attorney and will represent these students pro bono should they choose to exercise their rights to free speech,” he said. Nice of you man, you have the right background and qualifications, and you are putting them to a good cause. Who can disagree with somebody offering to help kids to exercise their rights, and make their voices heard?

It’s amazing how much you can tell about a person from just a short snippet of their thoughts. Ol’ Wade Nix disagrees and he disagrees good, dag nabbit! “There’s a reason that you are barred from Texas law. …ever think about that? Take your ideals back to fairy land,” was his scathing response. That’ll shut up those wishy-washy libtards, won’t it?

Sadly for Wade, it didn’t. People were quick to point out his basic error, including the attorney himself who came back with an admirably restrained response. “No, see “Texas-barred” means that I passed the Texas bar and am licensed to practice law in the state of Texas, so it’s the opposite of what you said.” Apparently Wade continued digging himself a deeper hole, until finally going all ‘snowflake’ on us, retreating to his ‘safe-space’ and deleting the tweet altogether.

Scroll down to check out the exchange for yourself, and let us know your (considered and knowledgeable) thoughts in the comments!

This attorney sent out a tweet in support of kids who might want to join a protest for gun safety, against the wishes of their school

He was mocked by Twitter user TexanNix, who pulled no punches with his hilarious and well thought out response


Unfortunately, TexanNix had little understanding of what he was actually talking about

And the internet was quick to let him know of this

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