[Trending] Someone Tries To Attack Elon Musk For Spending $90M To Launch Car Into Space, Gets Brilliantly Shut Down

Sometimes people can have their heart in the right place, mean well and stand up for their principles, but get it all wrong. Such was the c...

Sometimes people can have their heart in the right place, mean well and stand up for their principles, but get it all wrong.

Such was the case recently, when liberal sites The Other 98% and Democratic Socialism Now shared a meme that quite rightly questions the need for tax cuts for the United States’ wealthiest citizens, while millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet.

Discussion of the issue certainly has its merits, with the complex theory of trickle-down economics creating intriguing arguments both for and against this kind of tax policy.

This meme however, seemed to strike the wrong tone entirely. By going after Elon Musk, arguably one of the only billionaires who is using his wealth effectively in advancing the cause of science and humanity, it attracted a barrage of negative comments.

Many people, who would describe themselves as liberals, wholeheartedly agree with criticisms over tax cuts to the wealthy. However they consider Musk’s outlook and achievements to be much more positive than those of the Koch brothers for example, and came out strongly in support of the Tesla and SpaceX CEO. As a strong proponent of science and progress in areas like space exploration and renewable energy, Musk is probably not the best example of the stereotypical greedy, selfish billionaire. And describing the launch of a Tesla Roadster as the payload for his Falcon Heavy Rocket as just for ‘fun’ displays a fundamental lack of knowledge about the entire event.

So while the fight for social and economic equality is certainly a noble one that should be lauded, it is important to pick the right battles. Scroll down below to see the meme and some of the responses to it, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Elon Musk recently launched a car into space


Image credits: National Geographic

And while many agreed this was brilliant, there were some who didn’t


Image credits: SpaceX

This meme was posted on the Facebook pages of The Other 98% and Democratic Socialism Now


Many people disagreed with the meme, including this guy with his brilliant response

elon-musk-tesla-space-launch-response-10 elon-musk-tesla-space-launch-response-11 elon-musk-tesla-space-launch-response-12

Others were quick to join in










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