[Trending] 50+ Surprising Movie Details You Probably Missed

Sometimes we want to forget a film the second we walk out of the movie theatre, but sometimes we desire to get its copy and rewatch it again...

Sometimes we want to forget a film the second we walk out of the movie theatre, but sometimes we desire to get its copy and rewatch it again, and again, and again. Maybe the acting is captivating, maybe the cinematography is beautiful, or maybe the filmmakers have hidden so many little details within the scenes, you find something new every time you press play.

To show you how scrupulous some productions are, Bored Panda has collected an eye-opening list of incredible movie details. From Interstellar’s cornfield to the Matrix’s doorknob, it’s no wonder why some films take years and years to make. Scroll down to check out images and let us know in the comments which entry surprised you the most!

For Interstellar, Christopher Nolan Planted 500 Acres Of Corn Just For The Film Because He Did Not Want To Cgi The Farm In. After Filming, He Turned It Around And Sold The Corn And Made Back Profit For The Budget.

Image credits: ZultarTeDestroyer

In Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega Is Constantly On The Toilet. One Of The Side Effects Of Heroin Abuse Is Constipation.

Image credits: PoglaTheGrate

Pulp Fiction

Image credits: TotallyMario

They Couldn’t Hide The Camera In The Doorknob’s Reflection Of This Scene Of The Matrix, So They Put A Coat Over It And A Half Tie To Match With Morpheus’.

Image credits: P8ntBal1551

In “Cars” The Truck Stop Advertises “Convertible Waitresses”. Topless.

Image credits: chefbda

The Cover Of The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary Edition Dvd Can Be Read Upside Down As Well As Right Side Up

Image credits: Proteon

In “Up” (2009) The Town Buildings Develop Over The Years

Image credits: Eve_Tiston

In Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker Says He Needs A “Strong Focus” Before Jumping Off A Building. He Lands On A Ford Focus Which Goes Undamaged.

Image credits: Oriolebird9

In The Matrix, Water On Windows Foreshadowed Code

Image credits: Who_Decided

In An Early Scene Of The Truman Show, There Is A Brief Moment Where A Bottle Of Vitamin D Is Visible In Truman’s Home. People Who Don’t Get Regular Sun Exposure Must Take Vitamin D Supplements To Stay Healthy.

Image credits: Muchestu

In The Spongebob Squarepants Movie(2004), There Is A Fish In The Thug Tug Eating A Bowl Of Nails. Without Any Milk.

Image credits: LordAstralWarrior

In “Cars” The Canyons Are All Old Cars And Hood Ornaments.

Image credits: TheBuggaWump

The Christmas Tree From The Polar Express Is At The North Pole. It Sits On A Compass That Points South In All Directions.

Image credits: PhantomBanker

After Shooting The Pool Scene In The Movie Poltergeist, Actress Jobeth Williams Later Found Out That The Skeletons She Was Swimming Around With In The Mud Were Real. It Was Cheaper To Buy Them From A Medical Supply Company Then Making Them Out Of Rubber At The Time.

Image credits: exmormonphoenix

At The End Of Batman Begins, Batman Recieves A Joker Card From Jim Gordon. This Card Was Recovered By A Policeman Named J.kerr, A Common Alias Of The Joker.

Image credits: Finlayyy

In Iron Man 2 When Tony And Pepper Take A Picture In Monaco That Same Photo Can Be Seen In The Avengers When Tony Confronts Loki.

Image credits: jascurio

In Shaun Of The Dead, The Films Key Events Are Laid Out By Ed Before The Zombies Rise

Image credits: SirNomoloS

In Mad Max:fury Road The War Rig Furiosa Drives Has A Skeletal-Arm Decal On The Driver-Side Door Where Her Missing Left Arm Would Have Hung

Image credits: chuckschwa

In Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Princess Offers Eggsy “To Do It In The Bum” If He Saves The World. After He Returns, The Code To Unlock Her Door Is 2625 Which Spells Anal On A Numberpad.

Image credits: jymb0c

In Harry Potter, Background Students Can Be Seen Eating Parodies Of Real World Cereal Brands, Such As “Cheeri-Owls”

Image credits: minisaladfresh

In Back To The Future The Name Of The Mall Changes When Marty Goes Into The Past And Runs Over One Of The Two Trees

Image credits: gametime98

When Kevin Goes Through Buzz’s Things, He Finds A Picture Of His Girlfriend. He Says “Woof,” Implying That She’s A Dog. Director, Chris Columbus, Thought It Would Be Too Mean To Ask A Real Young Girl To Be In The Photograph So He Asked The Film’s Art Director To Have His Son Dress Up As A Girl.

Image credits: bobcobble

In Guardians Of The Galaxy, Each Of The Stripes On A Character’s Leg Is A Crime They’ve Committed. Black Is Murder, Etc. The Grey One On Rocket Is “Indecent Exposure”

Image credits: DasGanon

In Batman (1989) The News Anchors Stop Wearing Makeup After The Joker Poisons Beauty Hygeine Products In Gotham.

Image credits: comrade_batman

In The Incredibles The Letter On Mr. Huph’s Desk States Insuricare Has Recorded It’s Highest Profit In Years, Despite Mr. Huph’s Claims That Bob Is Hurting The Company’s Profits.

Image credits: necromundus

Heath Ledger’s Joker From The Dark Knight Wears A Mask Similar To The One Worn By Cesar Romero’s Joker In His Introductory Appearance In The 1960’s Tv Show Batman.

Image credits: brunzotf

In Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal Lecter Tells Clarice That He Ate A Man’s Liver With Fava Beans And “A Nice Chianti.” All Of These Foods Interfere With Maoi Antidepressants, Which Are Used To Treat Various Personality Disorders As Well. In Other Words, Hannibal Wasn’t Taking His Meds.

Image credits: FaultyCuisinart

In ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, Vader Uses The Same Disarming Technique Twice. Luke Is Able To Hold On To His Lightsaber The Second Time, So Vader Actually Disarms Him.

Image credits: wormywils

In The Film “American Beauty”, This Scene Represents Lester’s Feeling Toward His Dead-End Job. The Feeling Of Imprisonment.

Image credits: TheBuggaWump

In Avengers: Age Of Ultron, The Clock Atop Grand Central Station Has Been Replaced With A Memorial To First Responders. The Original Was Destroyed In The First Avengers Film During The Battle Of New York.

Image credits: LegendaryOutlaw

In Soldier [1998] One Of The Weapons Kurt Russel’s Character Is Listed As Being Proficient With Is The “Illudium Pu36 Esm” Which Refers To The Illudium Pu36 Explosive Space Modulator From Looney Tunes Marvin The Martian

Image credits: Proteon

For Red’s Age 20 Mugshot In The Shawshank Redemption, They Photographed Morgan Freeman’s Son, Alfonso

Image credits: WippitGuud

Even Austin Powers’ Chest Hair Is A Dick Innuendo.

Image credits: gregorioospina

Twitter User @shawnrobare Pointed Out Dennis Nedry From Jurassic Park Wearing Similar Outfits To Characters In The Goonies. Kathleen Kennedy Was The Producer On Both.

Image credits: MickeyTHFC

In Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, The Pee Bar Animation Is Reflected In The Mirror

Image credits: Bifenaa

At The Beginning Of Jurassic World, The T-Rex Is Shown To Be Flare Trained – The T-Rex Follows The Flare And Receives A Meal. The T-Rex Is Not Trying To Catch The Flare, Its Following The Flare. This Is How A Woman In Heels Is Able To “Outrun” A T-Rex

Image credits: destructive_optimism

In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 Ego’s Car From The Opening Scene And Peter’s Spaceship Share The Same Color Scheme.

Image credits: PapaImpy

In Team America: World Police, The Paris ‘Set’ Has A Floor Made Of Croissants

Image credits: amathysteightyseven

Thor (2011). Thor Calls Coulson “Son Of Coul” In The Same Way He Is Called Odinson.

Image credits: RandomDanny

In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, A Young Indy Cracks The Whip To Defend Himself Against A Lion And Accidentally Lashes His Chin. This Is Meant To Account For A Scar On Harrison Ford’s Chin, Which Was Left From A Car Accident Years Prior To Making The Film.

Image credits: RandysCheezburgerGut

In Snakes On A Plane When The Flight Attendant Puts A Snake In The Microwave They Press A “Snake” Preset Button

Image credits: that-cliff-guy

In Terminator 2, Before Confronting The Swat Team, The Terminator Puts His Grenade Bandolier Behind His Back. Because If Bullets Hit The Grenades They’d Explode And Destroy Him.

Image credits: PeteCampbellisaG

In X-Men: First Class, When Magneto Asks To See The Real Raven, She First Assumes The Image Of Rebecca Romijn Who Played Mystique In The First X-Men Film.

Image credits: OlympusMan

In Toy Story 2, Among Stars You Can Spot Hidden, Classic Pixar Lamp. This Is The Very First Shot Of The Movie.

Image credits: radekA113

In Transformers, The First Time Bumblebee Appears, He’s Parked Next To A Yellow Vw Beetle, His Original Form From The Cartoon Series And Toy Line.

Image credits: AndrewTheCyborg

Jack Sparrow Telling The Bone Bribing Prisoners In ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ That The Dog Holding The Cell Keys Is “Never Going To Move” Is An Obvious But Cheeky Reference To The Stationary Audio-Animatronic In The Original Disneyland Dark Ride That Hasn’t Moved Since The Attraction Opened In 1967.

Image credits: JordanInTheTV

In It (2017), Pennywise Changes The Colour Of His Eyes From Yellow To Blue, Which Are The Same Colour As Bill’s, To Lure Georgie

Image credits: DrAneurysm

John Wick/john Wick 2: Despite Being Filmed/released 3 Years Apart, The Films Are Set 4 Days Apart. All The Cars Outside The Continental Hotel Are The Same Between Films. (X-Post From /r/continuityporn)

Image credits: theg721

Lord Farquaad From Shrek Is A Twisted Little Bastard. Bottom Pic Is Briefly Shown As “Camera” Pans Across His Room.

Image credits: exmormonphoenix

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Drone Suit Tony Is Controlling While Chastising Peter Mimics His Actual Movements, Even Those We Can’t Actually See Tony Making.

Image credits: PopeJP22

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Michelle (Mj) Is Reading A Book Titled “Of Human Bondage”, A Story Of An Orphan Boy Sent To Live With His Aunt And Uncle.

Image credits: OlympusMan

In V For Vendetta, Finch’s Anti-Listening Device Is Actually A $5 Book Light From The Early 2000s With A Red Led.

Image credits: v0wels

After The Plane Is Blown Up In The Incredible, Helen (Elastigirl) Knows The Plane Debris Is Going To Fall On Them Due To Seeing The Reflection In The Water.

Image credits: MisterCheeks

In Django Unchained, A Man Asks Django What Is His Name Is And How It Is Spelled. “The D Is Silent”, The Man Responds “I Know”. This Man Is Franco Nero, The Original Django From The Original 1966 Film.

Image credits: jzimoneaux

In Dunkirk, German Soldiers Are Never Clearly Seen, The Only Two Ever In A Close-Up Are Blurred Out.

Image credits: SuperNath97

Inside Out. “Kids” Movies Have The Best Details In My Opinion.

Image credits: ArthurDent_XLII

In Stephen King’s “It” Remake, Stanley Is Accused By His Father For Not Caring To Study The Torah. This Is Demonstrated By The Fact That He Is Holding The Torah Upside Down.

Image credits: Throwawayratio

In Zootopia, Nick’s Handkerchief Was Part Of His Scout Uniform From When He Was A Cub

Image credits: WillNowHalt

The Red Shirt Used By Viggo Mortensen In “Captain Fantastic” (2016) Is The Same One He Wore In The Film “The Indian Runner” (1991).

Image credits: Ze-skywalker

In Fight Club, The Narrator Is Talking To Marla And Says “When People Think You’re Dying, They Really Listen To You.” At The End Of The Movie, He Asks Tyler “I Want You To Really Listen To Me” – And Tyler Is Suddenly Attentive Because He Thinks He’s About To Shoot Himself.

Image credits: RuinedEye

The Shield Agent That Refuses To Give Into Hydras Commands At Gunpoint Earns Nick Furys Trust And Is Selected To Aid In The Battle Of Sokovia

Image credits: MetalGearSlayer

In Wonder Woman, This Is The First Time Diana Ever Accepts An Offered Handshake. Unless You Speak The Blackfoot Language (Unlike Other Non-English Dialogue, This Conversation Has No Subtitles), You Might Miss That Chief Then Reveals To Diana His True Identity: Napi, A Trickster Demigod.

Image credits: missjardinera

At The End Of Elf, Buddy And Jovie Name Their Daughter Susie In Honor Of Susan Wells – Buddy’s Biological Mother Who Passed Away After Giving Him Up For Adoption.

Image credits: ofangelsandangles

In Star Trek (2009), A Dyson Hand Dryer Is Used As Space Age Enterprise Technology.

Image credits: specifictaco

Predator 2(1990): In The Shot Of The Predator’s Trophy Collection, You Can See What Looks Like The Skull Of A Xenomorph From The ‘Alien’ Franchise.

Image credits: RhinoBarbarian

While At The Capitol Party (The Hunger Games 2), Peeta Only Painted Three Of His Fingers On The Left Hand (Pointer, Middle And Ring) Black. Which Means He Was Subtly Giving The Mockingjay Salute While In The Heart Of The Capitol.

Image credits: AsianKhaleesi

In 2017’s Beauty & The Beast, After Becoming Human Cogsworth’s Mustache Is Uneven Just Like The Hands Of A Clock.

Image credits: LightningEdge756

Jokers Thumb On The Hammer In The Dark Knight

Image credits: spiffygriffy2

In The Brave Little Toaster, All Of The Walls In The Cottage Are Cleaned Only As High As Blanky Can Reach.

Image credits: treatloaf

In Blade Runner 2049, The Tablet Ryan Gosling Uses Early In The Movie Is Actually A Plate Holder From A 1920s-Era Camera.

Image credits: Yoojay

In Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Early In The Movie When Sex Bob-Omb Are Practicing In The House, Their Amps Have Logos That Read “Lame Brand”. Later, When They’re Performing At The Chaos Theater (Presumably With Some Big-Label Money Behind Them), Their Amps Have Logos That Read “Sweet Brand”.

Image credits: Crni_Bombarder

In Honey I Blew Up The Kid, The Ark Of The Covenant, From Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Is In The Same Warehouse Where The Shrinking Machine Is Being Stored.

Image credits: papamajama

In The End Credits Of Airplane! They Added A “Worst Boy”

Image credits: WienerDogMan

Bruce Wayne And The Joker Make The Same Entrance To Harvey’s Party In The Dark Knight: They Come In Followed By Their Entourage, They Ask For Harvey, They Ask For Rachel, Then They Throw Out Champagne.

Image credits: P8ntBal1551

This Mime In The Background Of Ratatouille Is Bomb Voyage From The Incredibles.

Image credits: Trap_Carrot

In The Lego Movie (2014) Benny The 1980-Something Space Guy Has A Crack In The Middle Of His Helmet That Was Attempted To Be Fixed With Glue. This Was An Actual Problem With The Original Toys Construction Of The Helmet, Causing Kids To Have To Glue It Or Leave It Cracked.

Image credits: Revanchist_lopez

In Hot Fuzz, The Shopkeeper Who Asks Danny If He Has Caught The Killers Yet Has A Poster For The Debut Album By American Rock Band ‘The Killers’, Entitled ‘Hot Fuss’.

Image credits: duckworthsgrapes

In The End Credits Of Scream, Wes Craven Left The Message “No Thanks Whatsoever To The Santa Rosa City School District Governing Board”. This Is In Reference To The Governing Board Revoking A Verbal Agreement For The Movie To Be Filmed In Santa Rosa High School Shortly Before Filming Began.

Image credits: AngeredChair

In The Lego Movie… Whenever A Character Had A Shiny Surface On Them, You Can See A Thumbprint Clearly On The Surface.

Image credits: Hitlerlikemylemonade

When Harry’s Scar Started Hurting In The Beginning Of Sorcerer’s Stone, Snape Noticed This; And Looked To The Left, Right At Professor Quirrel. Right After The Ceremony, You See Snape Confronting Him.

Image credits: Fartikus

At The End Of Cloverfield, The Origin Of The Monster Is Revealed. An Unidentified Object Can Barely Be Seen Falling From Space While The Characters Record Themselves On A Ferris Wheel, Months Before The Events Of The Movie

Image credits: bcGrimm

In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade Early In The Film While Henry Is Illustrating His Grail Diary He Says “Let He Who Illuminated This, Illuminate Me”. At The End Of The Film (Decades Later) When Indy Asks What Henry “Found” On The Adventure He States “Illumination”.

Image credits: HectorScout

In Empire Strikes Back, When Luke’s In Cloud City, Boba Fett Hears Him Pull His Blaster Out While Trying To Hide.

Image credits: comrade_batman

In The After Credits Scene Of Finding Dory, Jacques’ Bag Is The Cleanest.

Image credits: k4mik4ze_

In Rogue One, Vader’s Castle And The Temple Of The Kyber (On Jedha) Were Designed To Mirror Each Other, And Designed After A Tuning Fork, As Both Were Meant To Be Places Where The Dark And Light Side Of The Force Were Focused.

Image credits: comrade_batman

Each Line Spoken In The Short Programme Skipping Scene At 15:07 In Baby Driver Shows Lines Which Are Later Quoted By Baby Throughout The Movie, Like This One From Monsters Inc.

Image credits: gofast150344

In “Zootopia”, Judy’s Cell Phone Provider Is Pb&j, And She Gets A ‘Muzzletime’ Call From Her Parents

Image credits: fightyourmother

Deadpool: Vanessa Wears Wade’s Old Jacket

Image credits: CactusFanta

Sausage Party: The Poor Toilet Paper Corpse Behind His Horrified Friend.

Image credits: Gigalactic

Kevin Can’t Find His Toothbrush Because His Mom Packed It When She Packed His Bag While He Was Asleep In The Attic

Image credits: MancombQSeepgood

In The Big Lebowski All The Different Personalized Bowling Shirts Donny Wears Throughout The Film, None Of Them Bears His Name.

Image credits: Josephthebear

Back To The Future – The Opening Credits Have A Clock Foreshadowing Doc Hanging Off The City Clock

Image credits: NoQueenBee

In Speed, Howard Payne, Played By Dennis Hopper, Always Uses The Phone By Holding It To His Left Ear With His Right Hand. This Is Very Probably Due To Hearing Loss In His Right Ear Caused By The Same Accident That Cost Him His Left Thumb.

Image credits: kcox1980

In Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi, Luke Vs Vader Fight Scene You Can See Vader Holding A Second Lightsaber

Image credits: dukys

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Url Of The Video That Peter Watches On Youtube Is The Exact Same As The Url Of The Second Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Other Than”P” Being Switched For “P”

Image credits: Big_Jo_Noah

In Reservoir Dogs, Mr Pink (Played By Steve Buscemi) Famously Protests The Culture Of Tipping Waitresses. In Pulp Fiction, Buscemi Cameos As Buddy Holly, A Waiter.

Image credits: CrazyFart

At The End Of Titanic, The Clock Says 2:20. Titanic Sank At 2:20 Am

Image credits: gengrievous07

In Shrek 2, The Kings Room Is Decorated With Swamp Like Colors. His Backboard On The Bed Resembles A Frog. And Has A Rug With Him At A Lily Pond. Later In The Movie Is Revealed He Once Was A Frog.

Image credits: microslasher

In Pulp Ficton When Vincent Hears Jules Telling Ezekiel , He Pulls And Cocks The Pistol Because Vincent Knows Ezekiel Is The Last Thing Jules Tell Before Killing Someone

Image credits: Dr_nut_waffle

In Aladdin: During “A Whole New World”, While Flying Through Greece, Aladdin Throws An Apple At Jasmine. In Ancient Greece, Throwing An Apple At Someone Was A Way To Propose To Someone.

Image credits: moon_man1

One Of The Kakamora In Moana Is Painted Like Baymax From Big Hero 6

Image credits: sensualmacaroni

In The Shining, Wendy Tells The Doctor That Jack Hasn’t Had A Drink Since He Hurt Danny. When The Bar Appears To Jack, He Drinks To “Five Miserable Months On The Wagon” But Later Says His Hurting Danny Was “Three Goddamn Years Ago,” Implying He Was Secretly Drinking For Years.

Image credits: xosherry

In The Godfather, Cinematographer, Gordon Willis Thought Vito Corleone Would Seem More Sinister If We Couldn’t See His Eyes While Conducting Family Business.

Image credits: comrade_batman

In The Beginning Of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, The Injuries Sustained By Luke Skywalker In The Wampa Attack, Were Used As An Explanation For The Injuries Mark Hamill Suffered In A Car Accident In 1977 Where He Suffered A Fractured Nose And Cheekbone.

Image credits: HeyAbbotttttt

In The Bee Movie, All The Male Bees Have ‘Buzz Cut’ Hairstyles

Image credits: scratman99

In Monster’s University Above Randall’s Bed Is An Inspirational Poster That He Quotes In Monster’s Inc.

Image credits: 58819

The End Credits For Naked Gun 33 1/3 Have A Section Telling A Car Owner That Their Lights Were Left On

Image credits: AngeredChair

The Statue Of Kim Jong Il From Team America: World Police Is Actually A Person Painted To Look Like A Statue. You Can See Him Moving In Scenes. The Movie Used Miniature Puppets.

Image credits: GitEmSteveDave

The Floor Of The Room Where Vader Is Born In Resembles The Symbol Of The Empire

Image credits: molewart

The Candles Near Gandalf Have Melted Down Marking The Passage Of His Time Spent Reading Through Scrolls In The Fellowship Of The Ring.

Image credits: blackhawk08

In The Big Lebowski (1998), The Camera Cuts Directly To Smokey After He Finishes His Turn Showing That He Was Never Over The Line.

Image credits: docbrolic

The Helmet Gloin Armors Himself With Before The Battle Of The Five Armies Is The Same Helmet That Gimli Wears Through His Travels With The Fellowship.

Image credits: FastAktionJakson

Sid From Toy Story Is The Garbage Man In Toy Story 3.

Image credits: is_that_normal

Captain America’s Suit Doesn’t Have The “A” In Cw.

Image credits: EpicMusic13

In The First “Iron Man”, One Of The Industrial Art & Magic Artists Put Captain America’s Shield On Stark’s Workbench As A Joke. They Decided To Keep The Shot Just To See If Anyone Noticed And When They Did, They Had To Address It In Iron Man 2.

Image credits: exmormonphoenix

In Terminator 2 When Sarah Is Escaping The Hospital And Runs Into The Terminator, The Terminator Stands Still Instead Of Helping Her Like John Told Him To. This Is Because Like In The First Terminator, This T-800 Doesn’t Actually Know What Sarah Looks Like.

Image credits: DeluxeTraffic

[monsters Vs Aliens] General W.r. Monger Wears A Shrek Pin.

Image credits: JurassicWorldWarZ

In The Santa Clause 2 The Toy Santa Tells Scott That He’s A Sad, Strange Little Man. But Tim Allen Said That 7 Years Earlier In Toy Story

Image credits: jbean12

The Lion King: “Yes, The Past Can Hurt… But The Way I See It, You Can Either Run From It Or Learn From It.”

Image credits: CrispBaconStrip

In Halloween H2o, Jamie Lee Curtis’ Secretary Is Played By Her Real Life Mother, Janet Leigh, Who Played Marion In Hitchcocks’ Psycho. In Her Final Scene, Music From Psycho Plays As Janet’s Character Walks To Her Car. It’s The Same Car She Drove (And Norman Bates Sunk) In Psycho.

Image credits: aggr1103

[star Wars – The Force Awakens] “Yeah, You Pull The Trigger.” Rey Shows Her Unfamiliarity With A Blaster By Aiming With The Wrong Eye.

Image credits: mrdrewc

In Monsters University, The Freshest X-Mark Compared To Older Ones On Mike’s Calendar.

Image credits: Mattokakka

The Alien Slugs From James Gunn’s First Film Slither (2006) Are Among The Collector’s Collection In Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014).

Image credits: earthboundhellion37

In “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”, Ramona Explains The Terms Of Dating By Defeating Her Evil Exes. Everything Out Of Focus Behind Ramona Is Xs, While Everything Behind Scott Is Hearts. After She Agrees That They’re Officially Dating, Her Background Changes To Hearts As Well.

Image credits: RemarkableRyan

In “I Am Legend” Which Takes Place In The 2010’s, There Is An Advertisement For A Batman Vs. Superman Movie.

Image credits: MrFlow

In Original Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Only Person Besides Harrison Ford To Appear In All Three Movies Was British Wrestler Pat Roach. He Was Also Killed Twice In “Raiders”.

Image credits: Slyakot

“Ten Rings” The Group The Mandarin Controls In Iron Man 3 (2013) Is The Same Group That Takes Tony Stark Hostage In Iron Man (2008).

Image credits: comrade_batman

The Dark Knight. Bruce Enters In Black With Dates Dressed In Cyan, Magenta And Yellow: The Colors Of Printed Comic Books. Cmyk.

Image credits: pizzakickball

In Fellowship Of The Ring, Legolas Knows The Deeper Meaning Behind Galadriel Granting Gimli Three Of Her Hairs

Image credits: AboveAverageIQ

In Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, During The Scene, When Elizabeth Falls Into The Ocean, Activating The Coin Around Her Neck, The Clouds In The Sky Form An Outstretched, Grasping Hand Coming Towards The Island.

Image credits: akgoal

In The Matrix The Glass Getting Cleaned Represents The Code Being Hidden While The Illusion Is At Work

Image credits: Orc_

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey And Finn Use The Same Breathing Masks As Han, Leia, And Chewie In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Image credits: cmbatten

At The End Of “Frozen”, Disney Included A Statement About Kristoff’s Belief That All Men Eat Their Own Boogers

Image credits: pogbahimovic

At The End Of The Empire Strikes Back, Lando Can Be Seen Wearing Han’s Signature Outfit. This Is Because Lando Escaped Cloud City With Nothing But The Clothes On His Back, And Had To Wear Some Of Han’s Clothes Left On The Millennium Falcon.

Image credits: PingedHat

In Donnie Darko (2001) There Is A Carved Pumpkin On The Kitchen Island That Appears To Resemble Frank’s Bunny Mask.

Image credits: COOLGEEKS

In The Final Scene Of Resident Evil The Street Is Made By Copypasting And Flipping One Chunk.

Image credits: 7x11x13is1001

Luke Only Fell About 6-7 Feet When He Was Sucked Out Of The Window On Bespin In ‘Empire Strikes Back’. Can’t Believe It Took Me This Long To Notice The Broken Window On The Left.

Image credits: last_minutiae

[lotr] The Stone Trolls From The Hobbit Are In This Scene Of The Fellowship Of The Ring.

Image credits: Dr_Bozo_Jabroni

In Treasure Planet, There Is A Stitch Figure/plush On The Shelf In Young Jim Hawkin’s Bedroom

Image credits: MattCloudy

Lost In Translation And Kill Bill: Volume 1 Were Released The Same Year, Both Are Set In Japan And Both Feature A Minor Japanese Character Called Charlie Brown. The Respective Directors, Sofia Coppola And Quentin Tarantino, Dated At The Time

Image credits: Destructoranal

In The Original Star Wars (A New Hope) General Motti Is About To Say “Hidden Fortress” When Darth Vader Cuts Him Off With A Force-Choke. The Hidden Fortress Is An Akira Kurosawa Film That Inspired Star Wars: http://ift.tt/2nZKA0B

Image credits: fatnote

In Batman Begins And The Dark Knight, Alfred And Bruce Have The Near Exact Dialogue Exchange After The Death Of A Loved One.

Image credits: comrade_batman

In A Scene In “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” There Are Fake Movie Posters Featuring Tom Hanks In Tsunami Sunrise, Robin Williams In Jack And The Behnstacks, And Arnold Schwarzenegger In King Lear.

Image credits: sinsculpt

In Willy Wonka (1971), Slugworth Is Talking Over The Left Shoulder Of All The Golden Ticket Winners, Except Charlie. The Left Is Associated With The Devil And Dishonesty, Showing These Kids Didn’t Have A Chance. Only Charlie Is Given A Choice.

Image credits: robertraur

In The Movie ”unthinkable” You See A Guy Try To Defuse A Nuclear Bomb With Excel.

Image credits: Ollepetter

20 Of The Little Civilian Boats Used For Filming In Dunkirk (2017) Took Part In The Evacuation In Real Life, Saving Countless Lives.

Image credits: MellotronSymphony

In Jumanji, Alan’s Dad And The Hunter, Van Pelt Are Played By The Same Actor. This Is To Show That The Hunter Represents The Seemingly Unreasonable And Unassailable Pressure That Alan Always Felt From His Dad, Twinned With The Pressure To Survive.

Image credits: pinstrypsoldier

In Spider-Man 3, Peter Still Has The Ripped Joe’s Pizza Sticker On His Helmet From Spider-Man 2

Image credits: Derpston_P_Derp

All 3 Peter Jackson Cameo Appearances In The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

Image credits: welshie123

In Thank You For Smoking, The Blinds At The ‘Academy Of Tobacco Studies’ Look Like A Row Of Cigarettes

Image credits: ryandoesthings

[captain America: The Winter Soldier] – Natasha Instinctively Shoots The Glass So That It Can Be Dived Through With Ease

Image credits: Toast-Activist

In Hot Fuzz, You Can See Angel’s Scar From Where He Was Stabbed By A Man In A Santa Costume Who Was Played By Peter Jackson

Image credits: Derpston_P_Derp

The Treasure Chest From The End Of Dodgeball Is Actually Labeled Deus Ex Machina

Image credits: drewcifer27

A Reference To Heath Ledger’s Joker In The Killing Joke Film.

Image credits: c_Lassy

In The Road To El Dorado, As The Shaman Is Flipping Though His Book Of Spells, There Is A Page With An Ancient Version Of The Dreamworks Logo.

Image credits: theonlyrealredditor

The Title Of The Second Film In The Fantastic Beasts Franchise, “The Crimes Of Grindelwald” Contain The Deathly Hallows.

Image credits: NegativeSpeedForce

In Gone Girl, This Shot From The Beginning Of The Movie Shows Amy Forging The Diary With Multiple Pens.

Image credits: VariationInTaste

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