[Trending] 15+ Valentine’s Design Fails That Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Approved

With Valentine’s day upon us, we thought we’d get you in the mood by bringing you this hilarious list of Valentine’s design fails. Compile...

With Valentine’s day upon us, we thought we’d get you in the mood by bringing you this hilarious list of Valentine’s design fails.

Compiled by Bored Panda, the collection below features some very questionable merchandise and Valentine’s advertising fails that would make you look twice and not in a good way. From weird toys that want to “death you” to heart-shaped meat cuts, these fails will surely make you start questioning the choices of these designers. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

A Local Business Put This Sign Up For Valentines Day

Image credits: banana__phone

I Death You

Image credits: Bad_Elephant

A Perfect Message For Your Special Valentine

Image credits: pangolinpower

Bringing Both Your Wife And Gf To The Same Restaurant On Valentines Day? Good Idea!

Image credits: emansih

Is This Really The Best Design For Valentine’s Gift?

Image credits: CoachVega

They’re Rolling Out The Valentine’s Day Stuff Early At Target, But I Don’t Think They Really Thought This One Through

Image credits: theKleShay

I Get A Very Rapey Feeling From My Valentine Mints Quote…

Image credits: supernate91

This Valentine’s Day “Love” Banner

Image credits: Joe2pointOh

I Love You To The And Moon Back!

Image credits: JaclynMeOff

Love Need Is All You

Image credits: Sweatshop

A Valentines Favourite…

Image credits: Wrongjon

Valentine’s Day In Texas

Image credits: Uptightwhitey

To All The Single Ladys Out There, Happy Valentine!

Image credits: h0axed

Not Quite The First Gift I Had In Mind For Valentine’s Day…

Image credits: SSJwiggy

Love Yourfelf

Image credits: 2lisimst

Valentine’s Day Massacre

Image credits: Grangee

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kids!

Image credits: sluthulhu

Happy Valentines Day!

Image credits: TheAwesomeFace

The Word Choice On This Valentine’s Puzzle…

Image credits: OU_ohyeah

Cupid Giving Some “Love” To An Unsuspecting Heart

Image credits: Dragonslayer403

Heart Shape Headphone Splitter Looks Like A Nut Sack

Image credits: sksksk1989

These Warped Hearts On A Candle

Image credits: scorodites

Are These Supposed To Be Hearts?

Image credits: Gemberlain

Happy Valentine Day Sample Text

Image credits: kables

The Couple Chosen For This White Castle Valentine’s Day Ad

Image credits: Keikobad

This Is Either The Best Valentines Day Gift, Or The Worst Valentines Day Gift

Image credits: MADFOX

Happy valentine’s day

Image credits: lsferraz

“My smelly Valentine, sweet gassy Valentine. You make me smile when you fart…”

Image credits: s.n.herder

How is this a romantic card to give someone? I hate when I get a random onion ring in my fries

Image credits: chefcarli

Nothing says happy valentines day quite like chocolate that may possibly be tainted with e.coli and “boneless”…

Image credits: lil_asian_twinkie

Ummmm yeah…. because who wouldn’t want to buy a heart shaped slab of meat… with a rose. Inside. On the meat…

Image credits: jesse_cobia

Are Those Date Rape Pills In The Valentines Section Cvs?

Image credits: dok114

Special hugs anyone?

Image credits: gillonq

so wrong

Image credits: fab_254

Jesus, the sweetest name I know…

Image credits: electrosocket


Image credits: yellowbatgirl

Lenor, just what every woman wants

Image credits: retrofabuloso

These were out with the Valentine’s gifts

Image credits: soloadventurer

I feel cheap…

Image credits: rgoodwin7

What NOT to get your love for Valentine’s Day

Image credits: laurenharshman

Valentine’s Lollypop

Image credits: touny71


Image credits: newslang

I know it’s supposed to be delicious, but my first thought was “Poop!”

Image credits: FoodMrktngPod

The only way to become a Jedi is to eat the brain of a Jedi. Valentine’s day fail

Image credits: natebakerlutz

The perfect man is definitely something like this

Image credits: monica_harmse

Apparently, temporary Lip Appliques and rhinestone staplers are appropriate gifts to give your Valentine. Although, the kissing thing might be off the table, and then if she doesn’t like the stapler… you’ve just handed an angry (Psycho) lady a weapon

Image credits: monica_harmse

Sorry 100-year-old person. You’re too old to get a valentine

Image credits: amysuesabird

Attention gentlemen, do not, I repeat, do not buy your lady these chocolates

Image credits: JeannaVella

really awkward valentine’s gift idea

Image credits: ctaoras

Walmart Valentine’s Day Fail

Image credits: JeepersMedia

This just might be the worst valentine’s day card we have ever seen

Image credits: Tattooforaweek

One more valentine’s fail

Image credits: tmsstj

need a hand for your valentine’s?

Image credits: DelayedFun

how am I suppose to give this to my son for valentine’s day?

Image credits: rocknstylist66

valentine’s gift fail. Everyone knows socks are not appropriate clothing for certain activities

Image credits: fluffykittens00

Um, Yeah. not the Valentine’s Day gift you REALLY wanna give or get

Image credits: RealTallWolf

Pretty sure that 1/2 of this Valentine’s bamboo heart plant is dead

Image credits: danielle_despres

product helping you to tell that your valentine smells

Image credits: amymjj

Because who wouldn’t want a hairy heart filled with beef jerky for Valentine’s Day

Image credits: mamahas5

Mom got me a bag of conversation hearts except I don’t think this is a conversation I want to be a part of. In addition to these, so far I’ve seen “why now” and “no way”

Image credits: picsxpix

pink lips for valentine’s day! however this lollipop looks like a huge cow nipple

Image credits: ileeeeela

Really? Thanks mom

Image credits: walkertr16

I’m sorry Reese’s, but your attempt at a heart looks like a nutsack

Image credits: 4_eleven

Bakery Has Some Strange Ideas About Valentine’s Day

Image credits: ArcMaster

Great idea for Valentines Day

Probably Not The Message You Want To Send To Your Valentine

Image credits: cutslut

You Would Be Nuts Not To Buy This Ultimate Valentine Gift

Image credits: deleteandrest

unfaithful? really?

My School’s Valentine’s Day Shirt. Completely Black With A Shattered Heart

Image credits: WilsFace

Had To Take A Second Look At This Valentine’s Card

Image credits: eonomine


Image credits: tkseoul

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