[Trending] To Show The World To Our 6-Year-Old We Traveled 26,000Km From Romania To Mongolia On A Sidecar Motorcycle

After our previous trips around Europe  and to the Caucasus , we decided to try something else, so we traveled to Mongolia, on a four-month,...

After our previous trips around Europe and to the Caucasus, we decided to try something else, so we traveled to Mongolia, on a four-month, 26.000kms trip in our sidecar motorcycle, through 12 countries.

Our first night of camping, on a beach by the Black Sea, in Bulgaria

The Bazaar of Tabriz, in Iran

The Bazaar of Tabriz, in Iran

Panda invasion on the streets of Iran

Vladimir and us

Last night of camping in Iran, by the Caspian sea

Moynaq, Uzbekistan, on the banks of the former Aral Sea

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Lunch brake by the side of the road, in Uzbekistan

The Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The Wakhan Corridor in Tajikistan

The Wakhan Corridor in Tajikistan, 4.000 meters altitude

The Wakhan Corridor, near Ishkashim, in Tajikistan


Murghab, Tajikistan

Ak-Baytal pass in the Pamir Mountains, 4.655 m, Tajikistan

Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

Crossing the border from Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan

Entering Kyrgystan on a beautiful summer storm


The most beautiful rainbow we’ve ever seen, in Kyrgyzstan

Song Kul lake, 3.000 meters altitude, Kyrgyzstan

Song Kul lake, Kyrgyzstan

Sharyn Canyon, Kazakhstan

Vladimir and an old truck

We spent our first night in Mongolia with a local family



We woke up one day with a local Mongolian family doing their morning routine near our tent

Roads of Mongolia


There’s nothig like the Mongolian sky at night


Vladimir, jumping the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarkhai, Mongolia

The endless Siberian roads, in Russia

“It wasn’t me, I swear!”

Lost in the Siberian taiga

Stuck in a ditch

Visiting the Ural motorcycle factory in Irbit, Russia and doing a complete service to our bike

And the last picture, before getting home, in Romania

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