[Trending] “This Year My Wife And I Teamed Up To Pay My Sister Back” For What She Did On Last Christmas

There is always one in the family that loves a bit of mischief, who will go out of their way to make a ‘joke gift’ to prank someone at Chris...

There is always one in the family that loves a bit of mischief, who will go out of their way to make a ‘joke gift’ to prank someone at Christmas time and score a few laughs around the dinner table.

Last year is was Imgur user gileriodekel on the receiving end, getting a crappy candy bar wrapped in impossibly awkward wrapping from his sister. So this year he and his wife teamed up to take revenge and while it was an extraordinary amount of effort to go to, boy was it glorious.

“I’ll likely have my sister to tell me the 2 words on the paper and she’ll get another present,” he explained. “She is also required to not just cut through the boxes, tape, or saran wrap. If she does, she forfeits her part 2. Opening this present will be quite the accomplishment.”

This takes obnoxious gift giving to a whole new level of evil genius. Scroll down below to check it out and please, don’t get any ideas.

“In 2015, my sister gave my a candy bar wrapped in a whole roll of packing tape. It was a pain in the ass to open and took forever. This year my wife and I teamed up to pay my sister back”

“My wife found a bowling ball at a thrift store for super cheap. Its heavy and awkward, which makes it great for being the central part of the gift”

“I decided to make 2 decoy notes. These were a little smaller so they’re half pages, which made them fit about as well as the real note in their holes”

“These were the decoy notes”

“We then wrapped the bowling ball in saran wrap, but this is just a protective layer”

“We decided to make the heavy bowling ball slippery by smearing shortening all over it”

“The first coat – a very light one”

“I lost track of how many layers of shortening we did. We used almost a full roll of saran wrap and half a container of shortening when all was said and done”

“There was so much shortening with all the layers that you could poke it and it would leave an impression basically forever”

“Then came the duct tape!”

“We did 2 rolls of duct tape, and changed the pattern of how we were wrapping it every once in a while to throw her off. The end of the tape was almost impossible to find”

“It was at about this point that we started to realise how much time this was ACTUALLY going to take to unwrap this”

“We started wondering if we were bad people, especially since its only half wrapped at this point”

“Another layer of saran wrap, but this time no shortening. We wanted saran wrap: round 2 to be more difficult for her”

“Another full roll of duct tape!”

“4th and last roll of duct tape, but this time the sticky side is out”

“We considered doing another layer of saran wrap, but decided to put it in a flimsy plastic bag instead. It’ll be harder to find the end of the duct tape this way”

“Definitely realised I’m a terrible person by this point”

“Decided to give her a shirt so she doesn’t screw any of her own clothes up. I’ll also tell her to do the shortening part in a tub or outside”

­“Got a box to put the ball in, but I couldn’t make it that easy”

“I drilled 83 holes along the lip and lid of the box”

“I put the ball inside with tissue paper so she can’t see whats inside…

…and then zip tied it 83 times. The way I zip tied it it’ll be almost impossible to cut with scissors”

“Then I put that box inside another box…

…and put 4 combination locks on it. Each lock is numbered 1-4”

“I decided to make it to where she had to solve coded riddles to get the combinations”

“My whole family is Mormon and I thought it would be cool to code the riddles in the Deseret Alphabet, which the Mormons developed in the 1850’s”

“Here’s the key that’s on top”

“These are the hints”

“I’ll save you the trouble of translation, this is what they are:

1. Go tickle the ivories (hidden in the piano)

2. A dime a dozen… more like a dozen dimes! (hidden in a coin of jars my parents have)

3. Count your chickens before they hatch (hidden in the carton of eggs)

4. Stick a fork in it (hidden in the silverware drawer)”

“What the hidden notes that have the combinations on them look like”

“Let’s hope she takes it well! I’m planning on filming the whole thing or until she gives up. I’ll post it if I’m able to!”

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