[Trending] Our Shar-Pei Looks Like A Mix Of A Bear And A Dog!

Boe the Bearcoat is a 2-year-old miniature flowered bearcoat shar-pei living in San Francisco, CA. He enjoys going for long walks in the par...

Boe the Bearcoat is a 2-year-old miniature flowered bearcoat shar-pei living in San Francisco, CA. He enjoys going for long walks in the park, playing with his stuffed teddy bear, and snoozing.

Boe the Bearcoat was the runt of the litter which is why he is smaller than most shar-peis.

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They promised me snowcones…

Boe the Bearcoat sharpei enjoys walking through the snow for the first time. Majestic!

Boe the Bearcoat cuddles his moose, Moostafa

This little sharpei enjoys cuddling with friends as he prepares for a little puppy nap.

Time to wake up sweet little prince!

Dreaming of long walks, fresh air, and a large stick to munch on.

Preparing for nap time

Time to go for a walk, yes?

I may look small, but I have a lot of courage! ROARR

Friday nights, am I right?

Thou shall not pass!

She asked who her little pumpkin was. Is it me?

I can smell you with my snoof!

Monday morning commute

After a long days work. I get my beauty rest when I can

How do you like my bearcoat?

Did somebody say, treats?!

*cue emotional sad music with hopeless romantic poem recited in background*

They see me rollin, they hatin

That feeling you get when pumpkin spice latte season is over

Stop working and pay attention to me

When everyone thinks you’re posing but it’s just a restroom break

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Got a problem? You’re lucky he’s holding me back.

Why does everyone think my head was dunked in chocolate?

When I didn’t understand why people just stared at box screens and not pay attention to me?

You going to eat that?

When you got a rude awakening from an amazing nap by your friends who want to go out on a Friday night

When you get an eye twitch right before the photo is taken…

When you just want to go to bed after a hard long week

“I see you…”

When you realize you have a resting bi*** face…

An apple a day will keep the doctor away, if thrown hard enough

What are you eating? Can I haz it, can I haz it pleeaaaseeee

When you’ve mastered the art of falling asleep while sitting up

Ok now give me my food

When you fall asleep while eating…


Draw me like one of your french girls

Starting the New Year off right… In bed… Relaxing… Starting resolutions tomorrow. Who’s with me?

When you hoped for some bones but received antlers


Throwback to when I realized queen beds would be my new bed

Me guarding the thanksgiving leftovers

You have bacon?

When you think you see something, but really it’s just your imagination

When your friends want you out for a Saturday night but you think ehhhh…

Keep calm and wear a BOEtie

Doing the yoga

Detective Boelock Holmes here, investigating the case of the stolen thanksgiving leftovers

When you’re about to mark your territory and want to make sure the coast is clear

That feeling when you just wake up from an awesome nap

When you try to be sexy when you wake bae up in the morning

Hey girl, can I be your #mcm?

Guess how many pumpkin pies I can eat? This manyyy!

Image credits: boethebearcoat

Smelling the dead fish at the

Image credits: boethebearcoat

“The wilderness doesn’t scare me!” 🐻 — Boe

Image credits: boethebearcoat

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