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On daily basis, we face diverse challenges and the sum of it all is that,life is actually made up of small repetitive problems; and no one ...

On daily basis, we face diverse challenges and the sum of it all is that,life is actually made up of small repetitive problems; and no one is exempted from these. Such little but awkward conditions could involve the basic need to cut birthday cake evenly, forgetting to take your pills, having no umbrella, or taking up so much space for own travel mug.

While these may seem trivial at second thought, little issues as these may not hurt too badly,but they take you more effort to deal with, again and again!
 Here at Lifehack, we make life easier for our readers; hence within this content we wish to introduce a list of affordable products that can help you tackle common little problems in life!With these affordable and valuable items, you no longer need to feel irritated by these little problems or think of finding out new ways to solve them again.

1. 4PCS BeautyMood Cake Knife

This is the perfect cake knife for cutting the perfect pieces of cake or pie. Creatively manufactured, it has no blades, and is super safe for Kids! This gives you the perfect cut and sizes and the labor of cutting piece by piece with a traditional knife is forgotten. All you have to do – is press the cake server into your cake, then squeeze gently and lift, and you are ready to serve your perfectly sliced cake. This is great for home use, weddings, birthdays and every occasion.

2. Gourmia GK320 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

This kettle offers you absolute convenience, as you fully enjoy amazing cup of coffee/tea, cocoa, oatmeal, noodles and so much more. A collapsible kettle that’s great for boiling water and an outstanding appliance to carry with you on your travels as it can be folded.
This amazing Foldable Electric Tea Kettle is a must-have appliance that you won’t want to be without! When it senses there is no more water within the pot, it automatically shuts off so you don’t have to bother about possible hazard.

3. Stojo Collapsible Cup

Forget about disposable cups! The Stojo Pocket Cup is both convenient and reusable, and is the worlds’ only leak-proof reusable cup that perfectly fits into any pocket, backpack, glove compartment, or laptop bag; you name it. After a good drink, just collapse the cup, seal the lid, pack & go.

4. Portable Rain Hood

With the portable rain hood, you don’t need to carry an umbrella or put on any bulky rain gear simply because it looks like it will rain. Just pack this stylish rain hood within your pocket/purse and you will be ready to withstand the weather’s unpredictable nature. This will shield your hair, protect your outfit and allow you to stay dry.

5. Asobu Combine Daily Pill Box Organizer with Water Bottle

With this product, you will never forget to take your vitamins and pills along with you. It is a water bottle pill holder that’s designed with a seven-compartment pill organizer – making it possible for you to have water at hand to gulp your pills at set time. This is a clever design as you’ll always have water along with your daily supplements to take, anytime.

6. The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws

This item is indeed your TIME SAVER as it helps you to perfectly shred meat (pork, chicken, beef and more) without the mess and hassles of forks and knives. It’s easy and fun to utilize. It’s an amazing BBQ accessory and a must-have.

7. Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

This is a special Wine Stain Remover that breaks down stains & eliminates them without the use of chlorine bleach or peroxide. It is simply powerful on stains and was voted best red wine cleaning solution by Wired Magazine.

8. Bite Helper – Bug Bite Itch Neutralizer

This is an easy to use groundbreaking product that quickly terminates itch & irritation of mosquito bites. With this, No more itch! It works by delivering heat and vibration to the affected part – increasing blood flow & circulation and thus soothing the itch. Simply enjoy your life – itch free, daily!

9. CouchCoaster – The Ultimate Drink Holder For Your Sofa

This product is great for holding all your favorite drinks whether hot or cold. Keep your drink within easy reach with this ultimate drink holder. It works by wrapping it over the arm of your sofa or tucked between seat cushions. This is perfect for solving everyday problems.

10. All-Natural Anti-Blister Balm

This is great for stopping blisters. Once you prep your feet with this all natural anti blister balm, you don’t have to worry about your shoes hurting you. It simply works as an invisible barrier on your skin and eliminates friction from all kinds of shoes. Wear your shoes now without fear, comfortably.

Remember that tackling repetitive problems is a time-waster and you can use any or all of the above listed recommended products to live that hassle-free life you deserve!

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