[Trending] 19 Risky And Intimate Paparazzi Shots Revealed In Vintage Photo Exhibition In Turin

While the paparazzi are often harshly vilified by the media, celebrities, and onlookers alike, a new exhibit at the Centro Italiano per la F...

While the paparazzi are often harshly vilified by the media, celebrities, and onlookers alike, a new exhibit at the Centro Italiano per la Fotografia in Turin presents their controversial work as a unique art form.

The term ‘paparazzo’ (plural: paparazzi) was introduced to the world via Walter Santesso’s role as a persistent news photographer in Federico Fellini’s iconic 1960 film, La Dolce Vita. This started both a cultural ‘Golden Age’ in Italy, and a rampant international increase in brazen cameramen invading the personal space of celebrities for that perfect, intimate, newsworthy shot. Some stars were flattered, while others became violent. Artists and photo editors, such as the British Alison Jackson, even resorted to staging ‘scandalous’ photos of the rich and famous using lookalike actors.

The profession’s glory days came to a screeching halt in 1997, when Princess Diana’s tragic death in a Paris car crash was blamed by some media outlets on the paparazzi who chased her in a nearby vehicle. Today, the paparazzi face numerous legal restrictions as the catalysts for anti-stalking and harassment bills in many countries, and many are currently under restraining orders.

Whether you love or hate the job, the paparazzi photos showcased at Arrivano i Paparazzi in Turin provide a nostalgic window into the past, as well as poignant commentary on the struggle for privacy celebrities still face. Scroll down to see our favourite selections, and vote for the ones that made the most impact on you.

Don Gussoni quarrels with photographer Giacomo Alexis, Rome 1959

Image credits: Marcello Geppetti

Anita Ekberg facing the paparazzi with bow and arrows, October 20, 1960

Image credits: Marcello Geppetti

Aiché Nanà’s striptease at Rugantino’s restaurant, Rome 1958. Aiché Nanà and Tazio Secchiaroli, whom took the picture, were both Fellini’s inspirations for the film “La Dolce Vita.” The film’s character Paparazzo, inspired by Secchiaroli, is the origin of the word paparazzi.

Image credits: Tazio Secchiaroli

Tazio Secchiaroli flees an angry Walter Chiari. The actor at the time was in a relationship with superstar Ava Gardner and was followed every step by paparazzi. Rome, 1957

Image credits: Elio Sorci

Lucien Benedetti and Marina Meucci stand against the photographer. Rome, circa 1965

Image credits: Agenzia Dufoto

Photojournalist Tazio Secchiaroli hides armed with his camera. Rome, 1958

Image credits: Ezio Vitale

Stefania Sandrelli. Rome, early 60s

Image credits: Agenzia Dufoto

Paparazzi colleagues chatting on break in Sistina Street, Rome, 1958

Image credits: Ezio Vitale

Soraya’s arrival at Termini station attracts the attention of “assault photographers”

Image credits: Agenzia Dufoto

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider dance during the Golden Age Ciak Evening at Brigadoon Restaurant. Rome, July 29, 1961

Image credits: Marcello Geppetti

Anthony Steel lashes out against photographers. Rome, August 1958

Image credits: Tazio Secchiaroli

Sofia Loren at Ciampino Airport, returning from the United States. Rome, November 14th, 1961

Image credits: Agenzia Dufoto

Brigitte Bardot leaves the hotel Forum. Rome, 1965

Image credits: Vittorio La Verde

Jackie Kennedy captured by a celebrity photographer while walking quietly on Madison Avenue in New York. October, 1971

Image credits: Ron Galella

Marilyn Monroe and JFK lookalikes cuddling

Image credits: Alison Jackson

Marilyn Monroe lookalike underessing before JFK impersonator

Image credits: Alison Jackson

Suzie Kennedy, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, and a Princess Diana lookalike crossing the street, 2000

Image credits: Alison Jackson

Kate Moss and David Bowie, 2003

Image credits: Ellen von Unwerth

Patrizia Pellegrino with her children play on the marina beach

Image credits: Corrado Calvo

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