[Trending] McDonald’s Brows Are Here, And People Are Lovin’ It (NOT)

These days, there are about a thousand different ways to groom our supercilia, but ‘McDonald’s brows’ take the cake as the straight-up weird...

These days, there are about a thousand different ways to groom our supercilia, but ‘McDonald’s brows’ take the cake as the straight-up weirdest thing we’ve ever seen – and to be honest, we’re still not even over squiggly brows.

It all started when queen of all beauty bloggers Huda Kattan uploaded a new video tutorial for the fast food-inspired look on Instagram. What happens when a major social media influencer does something? All of their followers do the same. You could say that Huda’s fans were, well, ‘lovin’ it,’ as other ‘McDonald’s brow’ looks started popping up in response to her clip.

Never fear, though. There is a light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel.

The whole thing is a big satirical joke, created by Huda to mock the seemingly never-ending array of bizarre and unorthodox eyebrow ‘trends’ sweeping the Internet. While we’re relieved that ‘McDonald’s brows’ are probably not going to make the cover of Cosmo, we’re still holding our breath waiting for the next wacko brow fad to come along, because it most definitely will. In the meantime, laugh it all off by scrolling down to see it for yourself.

If you’ve been scrolling through beauty blogs on Instagram this week, you might’ve seen this look






Image credits: beautybyelenax

‘McDonald’s brows,’ however, turned out to be a brilliant satirical joke started by beauty guru Huda Kattan


Image credits: hudabeauty

The look was created to mock the seemingly endless array of bizarre brow ‘trends’ on the Internet


Image credits: brandyrosex

Since Huda’s followers are loyal, they decided to go along with it – and the results were hilarious


Image credits: roxxbeautyglam

Some people were, for lack of a better term, ‘lovin’ it’




Others, however, didn’t really get the joke





Would you wear ‘McDonald’s brows’ on your next night out? Tell us below!

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