[Trending] I Figured Out How To Instantly Improve Any Photo – Just Add Water!

I’ve been researching and testing photography hacks for years, trying to capture unique and compelling images. I love sharing my work with t...

I’ve been researching and testing photography hacks for years, trying to capture unique and compelling images. I love sharing my work with the world through free stock photo sites and I’m always looking for ways to take my images to the next level.

Recently a friend shared the best tip yet – ”just add water.”

So what does that mean? If whatever you’re trying to photograph looks boring, try spraying it with water droplets using a spray bottle or mister. Of course, you might not want to try this with electronic products or unwitting models, but it often works incredibly well with organic materials like fruit or flowers. Glass surfaces, like mirrors or windows, are also instantly more interesting with water on them as well.

Below is a short explanation of the technique that shows how easy (and effective!) it is. I’ve included other sample photos that I’ve made more interesting using a splash of water, and a few inspirational shots from other photographers as well.

P. S.  All the images are royalty-free in case you want to use them for anything or share them with your friends.

More info: burst.shopify.com

Here’s the photography hack in action, taken with my iPhone

To demonstrate how this technique works, I used a bunch of grapes – but pretty much any fruit or veggie would work just as well.

It’s pretty amazing how a simple squirt of water can instantly make fruit look more appetizing. Beforehand the grapes looked dusty and had all sorts of marks that would have taken a long time to correct in Photoshop. Just add water though, and they look fresh and crisp!

A spray bottle can help you get the right sized droplets

Here’s a ‘behind the scenes’ shot that shows the mister I used. By the way, I found this spray bottle in the gardening section of my local dollar store. You could probably find a similar bottle in any discount shop, or the gardening section of a department store.

I’ve used this tactic to simulate rain drops on roses

(Shh don’t tell anyone.)

Image credits: Burst

It also can be used to add texture to a leaf

This leaf looked a little bland before I gave it a spritz.

Image credits: Burst

Water makes colors *pop*

This is a slightly different spin on the tactic. Rinsing berries in cold water makes them at least twice as shiny and radiant. Maybe three times!

Image credits: Burst

You can shoot – through- water droplets, for a different effect

I shot this image through a rainy car window.

Image credits: Burst

It works with portraits too

I didn’t personally take this photograph, but it’s a perfect (and royalty-free) example of how water can make any subject more interesting.

Image credits: Burst

And it makes lighting look even more dramatic

Here’s another stunning example from the same photographer.

Image credits: Unsplash

Who would’ve thought it’d work so well with lipstick?

I wouldn’t have thought to spray lipstick with mist, but it certainly looks good. My friend Nicole took this one.

Image credits: Burst

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