[Trending] Child Photographers From All Over The World Document Kids Spending Summers Away From Technology

Child Photo Competition is an international photo community devoted to discovering and promoting the most talented child photographers from ...

Child Photo Competition is an international photo community devoted to discovering and promoting the most talented child photographers from all over the world.

Every month, we run free of charge monthly themed contest in order to give a chance to emerging photographers to show us the magic of child photography.

This Summer CPC asked the photographers from all around the globe to document children spending their summer disconnected from the world of electronic gadgets and to submit the best snaps to “SUMMER UNPLUGGED” contest.

What seemed like an odd theme in so called ‘digital age’ turned out to be one of the biggest proofs that children don’t need smartphones to have fun!

Have a look at our gallery of 35 Finalists to see what did the brilliant minds of children come up with in order to enjoy the shiniest season of the year!

We hope you’ll like it!

More info: childphotocompetition.com

WINNER – Marcia Fernandes, Brazil

Image credits: Marcia Fernandes

FINALIST – Alsu Skvortsova, Russia

Image credits: Alsu Skvortsova

FINALIST – Tanya Moon, USA

Image credits: Tanya Moon

FINALIST – Stacy Stambaugh, USA

Image credits: Stacy Stambaugh

FINALIST – Justyna Garczyk-Kleszcz, Poland

Image credits: Justyna Garczyk-Kleszcz

FINALIST – Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks, The Netherlands

Image credits: Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks

FINALIST – Aneta Tyl-Bielecka, Poland

Image credits: Aneta Tyl-Bielecka

FINALIST – Egle Laurinavice, Lithuania

Image credits: Egle Laurinavice

FINALIST – Alexandra Eremeevskaia, Russia

Image credits: Alexandra Eremeevskaia

FINALIST – Irina Khromova, Russia

Image credits: Irina Khromova

FINALIST – Kamila Drzymała, Poland

Image credits: Kamila Drzymała

FINALIST – Maria Prozorova, Russia

Image credits: Maria Prozorova

FINALIST – Olga Berngard, Germany

Image credits: Olga Berngard

FINALIST – Holly Awwad, USA

Image credits: Holly Awwad

FINALIST – Kamila Pawlowska, Poland

Image credits: Kamila Pawlowska

FINALIST – Mel Karlberg, USA

Image credits: Mel Karlberg

FINALIST – Daniel Freitas, Brazil

Image credits: Daniel Freitas

FINALIST – Elena Sukhankina, Russia

Image credits: Elena Sukhankina

FINALIST – Marta Barteczko, Poland

Image credits: Marta Barteczko

FINALIST – Antonella Ricciotti, Italy

Image credits: Antonella Ricciotti

FINALIST – Kristen Ryan, USA

Image credits: Kristen Ryan

FINALIST – Mariola Glajcar, Poland

Image credits: Mariola Glajcar

FINALIST – Agnieszka Jeszke, Poland

Image credits: Agnieszka Jeszke

FINALIST – Beata Blaszczyk, Poland

Image credits: Beata Blaszczyk

FINALIST – Mariola Hart, UK

Image credits: Mariola Hart

FINALIST – Zuzana Lhotská, Czech Republic

Image credits: Zuzana Lhotská

FINALIST – Tara Herron, USA

Image credits: Tara Herron

FINALIST – Berit Alits, Ireland

Image credits: Berit Alits

FINALIST – Alicia Juniku, USA

Image credits: Alicia Juniku

FINALIST – Lisa R. Howeler, USA

Image credits: Lisa R. Howeler

FINALIST – Kerli Sosi, Estonia

Image credits: Kerli Sosi

FINALIST – Suzanne Mitchell, UK

Image credits: Suzanne Mitchell

FINALIST – Séverine Galus, France

Image credits: Séverine Galus

FINALIST – Danielle Kilgore, Canada

Image credits: Danielle Kilgore

FINALIST – Anna Kazakova, Russia

Image credits: Anna Kazakova

Source: BoredPanda


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