[Trending] 30+ Genius Supermarkets And Stores That Will Surprise You With Their Creativity

Shopping for everyday items after a long day at work is that mundane task some of us truly dread. There’s just something so annoying about a...

Shopping for everyday items after a long day at work is that mundane task some of us truly dread. There’s just something so annoying about an overly helpful shop assistant when you just want to shop in peace. And some supermarkets are so big that you can spend 20 minutes just looking for the cheese section.

However, some stores have found ways not to only solve most of the problems, but to make shopping more fun. These genius ideas collected by Bored Panda, are found in various superkarkets and stores all over the world. Which ideas would you like to implement in your local supermarkets? Tell us in the comments below!

Ikea prices its umbrellas depending on if it is raining or not

Image credits: Constitutional_Prole

My local supermarket has tags that you can put on broken trolleys

Image credits: Master-Obvious

At this airport, they have a machine that will print off free short stories for you to read while you wait!

Image credits: MisallocatedRacism

Hotel in Europe offers a rent a pet fish for single travellers

Image credits: notforlabels

This store lets customers choose whether they want to be bothered by the staff

Image credits: hand_

This dressing room has their clothing hooks labeled

Image credits: Pumpkinspice90

Shopping cart with a calculator

Image credits: Afrocean

Chick-Fil-A doesn’t charge customers for ingredients that the customers don’t want

Image credits: lokhouse

My local dentist has a ceiling “Where’s Wally?” for patients during appointments

Image credits: mtmannion

This gas station sign has the price of coffee.

Image credits: JoeyRobot

This bar has a frost strip to rest your drink on so it stays cold.

Image credits: Wolfos31

This bar has the amount of beer left in the keg on the digital tap list

Image credits: dylanm561

The price for pie, at the cafe I had lunch at today, is $3.14

Image credits: cchristel

Hotel I’m staying at has a separate towel to take off makeup

Image credits: DasAdam

Italian Grocery Store Gets Dog-Friendly Carts So You Can Shop With Your Dog

Image credits: imgur

My grocery store bags items in blue bags if they’re cold so you can put them away first.

Image credits: cakefraustin

A local bar has an area where you can rent a locker to store your phone while it charges

Image credits: westcoast_eastsider

This store has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing

Image credits: j1ggy

This grocery store has a bar for all the people who got dragged along

Image credits: BzRic

This store in Canada had store wide discounts that changed based on the temperature outside that day

Image credits: InFatesHands

This liquor store sells cleverly named, pre-made cocktail kits in ziploc baggies

Image credits: nonthreat

My Walmart shopping cart has a Store GPS attached to it

Image credits: classifiedintrovert

My local grocery store has smart carts that when you search for an item tell you the exact isle and shelf the item is on

Image credits: rocker248

My grocery store grows vegetables on the roof and streams it in the store

Image credits: DefaultAnthony

You can pick your own mushrooms at this grocery store

Image credits: BlondeRed

This book store has a “blind date with a book” section

Image credits: secondarysouls

My local second hand store made a reading corner out of books

Image credits: tvdf

This store has a “test ramp” so you can try out your safety boots on different surfaces.

Image credits: MusicMedic

This store uses both sides of the receipt paper

Image credits: baobeiii

The grocery store I went to earlier had a special escalator for your shopping cart.

Image credits: AssHat_

This coffee shop has a handy guide to coffee drawn on their window

Image credits: imthejuice

this sex shop changes its name to a book store for credit card statement

Image credits: nutuliah

My local butcher shop has a meat vending machine

Image credits: Rkane44

Our local Walmart offers fresh free fruit for parents to give there children while they shop!

Image credits: theDirtyJJ

My favourite shop has light settings so you can see how good/bad your outfit will look at different times of day

Image credits: Peachpai

This Chicago jewelry store has deceptive gift bags

Image credits: thathawkeyeguy

The candy shop near my house has a mini theater area where they play Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory on repeat

Image credits: principled_principal

Local mattress store gives you a mini mattress for your doggie when buying a regular one

Image credits: Tirfing88

This store sorts it’s Bananas by how ripe they are

Image credits: ssanchez22

My local grocery store is selling unattractive produce at reduced prices that would normally be tossed out!

Image credits: Imgur

Owner puts up this sign after seeing homeless people around her store in Dallas, Texas

Image credits: ChamplooAttitude

My local grocery store has a bee hive in the store

Image credits: singmyfavoritehymn

This store has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing

Image credits: j1ggy

Sign at a gun store

Image credits: podobroto

New grocery store opened where I live, and they sell craft beer by the pint and give you a cup holder for your cart

Image credits: John7122

A supermarket I visited in Germany has a bread dispenser

Image credits: kevin_cg1

This supermarket has a place to put stuff if you change your mind

Image credits: tdes

This supermarket has confectionary free checkouts for parents unwilling to have children demanding that they buy some

Image credits: TheEvilton

My supermarket lets you eat produce while you shop for a 25 cents

Image credits: crumbbelly

These shopping carts have a magnifying glass for the elderly

Image credits: Budzink1

Local farmer has a vending machine in our mall

Image credits: notanothermarketer

Avocados in supermarket Have a Color Chart on the Sticker, So You Know When It’s Ripe.

Image credits: q0__0p

This door has a shelf to set your coffee on while you open it

Image credits: yelahneb

This grocery store has a bar for all the people who got dragged along

Image credits: BzRic

Came across this brilliant idea at the grocery store

Image credits: Beeslo

I wish all supermarkets did this

Image credits: ross01628

My supermarket trollies have maps on them

Image credits: 1982-present

This supermarket has a place to put stuff if you change your mind

Image credits: tdes

This toilet at a Dutch Supermarket lets you test the brands of toilet paper they sell.

Image credits: shishdem

The supermarket at my university allows you to up/downvote new products and at 50 likes it is adapted into the shop

Image credits: PtChevMeister

My local supermarket offers free fruit to children

Image credits: J_Diz_My_Kiz

The sticker on this mango shows you what colour the fruit should be when it will taste the best

Image credits: Sycamori

My local beer store sell advent calendar full of beers

Image credits: yannb19

One of my local supermarkets has electronic price tags

Image credits: SONNYSPAK

My local grocery store teaches you the waltz while you’re waiting for your prescription

Image credits: GIGALARGZADON

My local booze vendor helping out shoppers who can’t make up their mind

Image credits: HeinrichTau

A sweetness scale for different kinds of apples at the grocery store

Image credits: Scout_06

This grocery store lets you make your own peanut butter

Image credits: goodbetterbecks

My local local grocery store has a ‘free chilling service’ for wines and champagne

Image credits: slorsx89

Store has 3D printed accessories so you can test how they fit in their handbags and backpacks

Image credits: Theanonymousrory

My local supermarket has pre made kits for people to buy and give to the homeless or food shelters

Image credits: insertironicmemehere

Local grocery store has color changing check-out lights dependant on number of waiting customers in line.

Image credits: jhallen2260

My local supermarket now has a store directory on the shopping trolly

Image credits: Axiomatic88

The cart at my local store has a place to charge your phone

Image credits: muhandes

Pick ‘n’ mix frozen veg in a Spanish supermarket

Image credits: OhLottie

This auto shop knows you steal their pens, but offers a discount on an oil change if you return them

Image credits: JustinX1015x

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