[Controversial] Ever Wondered What The Hidden Symbols In These Currencies Depict

We must admit that our world is home to some spectacular currencies. Take the example of the iconic US Dollar. The color, the font, are noth...

We must admit that our world is home to some spectacular currencies. Take the example of the iconic US Dollar. The color, the font, are nothing short of being iconic. One can just recognise the US Dollar bill by its color. Over the years, we as humans developed many complex currencies and that’s because every nation wants its own.

A currency bill is not just a note, it is in some cases a portal of history. The currencies are unique to a particular nation and act as a status symbol.

Every sovereign nation ensures that its currency is unique, and has hidden symbols. Some, have hidden words as well.

WittyFeed tells you about 6 currencies, which carry a hidden meaning. Some of them even relate to the mystical Illuminati!

Is your currency on the list?


After death of King George VI in 1952 in England, Elizabeth sat on the throne. As a result, the Commonwealth countries had to extend their support by displaying images of the new ruler on their currency. In Canada’s case, the queen had a hidden demon on her head.

A demon

It was in 1954. Canadians were shocked when they noticed that a sinister devil was behind the queen’s ear. The note created such a controversy that it had to be withdrawn after two years.

£5 note

Although this note ceases to be legal tender and has been replaced by the new note featuring Winston Churchill, this note also had a hidden symbol.

Hidden reptilian

On the note’s reverse side, it seemed that there was a hidden reptilian. Reptilians are considered more intelligent than humans and people still debate whether it’s a mere coincidence or some conspiracy that the reptilian appeared on the currency note.

Seychelles Rupee

The small country of Seychelles in East Africa, which includes over 100 islands, had an interesting word mentioned in their currency.

Seychelles Rupee

God knows what they were thinking when they were designing the palm leaves but we presume that it was a coincidence that its leaves resemble the word ‘se*’. They don’t see to shy away from promiscuity, did they?

€5 note

The €5 note in all its glory is minimalist and spectacular to look at. Just the way EU wanted Europe to be. But did you know what the bridge denoted?

The bridge

The back of the note showcases a bridge, which is connecting two distant banks, which ones, no one knows. It is said that the bridge pillars are equivalent to Isis and Osiris, the mythological characters that connect Earth and Heaven, and the humans to the spiritual state.

$1 bill

Of course, how can we not include the most famous currency on our list? In fact, the $1 bill holds not one, not two but THREE secrets. Let’s get em cracking!

The first and by far the most famous one is The Illuminati sign. The pyramid with the eye, that’s the Illuminati sign. It is said that by having the sign on $1 bill, the Freemasons are secretly manipulating people who control the government.

Secret 2: The triforce

So you thought Illuminati symbolism would go away that easily? Think again. On the front of the bill, a Triforce is shown. The Triforce is a sacred relic used by the masons and it consists of three triangles, each depicting wisdom, power, and courage respectively.

Secret 3: The owl

Next time you have $1 bill in your hand, try to spot the owl. It is said that the owl represents the bohemian society trying to control the masses. Others think that the owl is used as a warning for hidden symbols on the bill

Secret 4: Great Seal of United States

Whoa! You didn’t expect that, did you? What if we tell you that the nine feathers beneath the Eagle represent nine spheres turning towards heaven. Moreover, the 32 feathers of the eagle on the right represent the number of degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

The 9/11 series

This one really blew our mind. It is said that the currency was issued by the New World Order prophecising the 9/11 attacks. The notes if folded in an appropriate manner, as shown in the image, would reveal five episodes of 9/11 attacks.

Episode 1: The twin towers – intact

Episode 2: The towers with one building hit.

Episode 3:
The towers with both buildings hit.

Episode 4: The towers start falling.

Episode 5: The towers almost demolished.

£5 note

The old note made way for this one that features Winston Churchill. Even this note has some hidden symbolism.

Look carefully at the Big Ben and tell us what time you see? It’s 3 O Clock but do you know the reason behind the timing? The reason that time is mentioned is because this was the time in 1940 when he made the famous – “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat” – speech.



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