[Controversial] How Technology Is Preparing You for the Singularity

The singularity is not merely a product of science fiction novels. It is an event that is growing ever-closer on the horizon, and we don’t h...

The singularity is not merely a product of science fiction novels. It is an event that is growing ever-closer on the horizon, and we don’t have much currently in the way of preparation. It will not be the natural order of things, and when it occurs it will happen with or without our consent as a human race. At best, it will be kept under control by elites hoping to use it to profit, and from there it is only a matter of time until disaster strikes. It will be used for unnatural youth.

And yet we are being prepared. Our minds are being readied for the next leap in communion between humans and their inventions. Can you go a day without your devices? A week? Our very civilization doesn’t allow it, on a practical level. We’ve grown reliant, and that makes the coming event more dangerous.

Here’s what we’ve learned about singularity and how you are being prepared:

Data Is Being Collected on You

The spying is real, and have you ever wondered if human thought patterns could be digitized, whether the various social intricacies that make up our interactions with others would ever be able to be replicated by machines with an interest in such information? There is a treasure trove of data that is being collected on you and everyone who uses the internet, and that data is a commodity to be bought and sold. This can’t be stressed enough: the data that tells people who you are is being exploited, bought and sold.

Wouldn’t it be logical for the tech giants to look into that data in order to get you to comply with or even cheer for even more computing progress, particularly in avenues which we might resist (such as artificial intelligence and the merging of man with machine)? If technology becomes advanced enough that a personality and mind could be replaced with a digital representation, what use are you outside of your physical body (which could be replaced as well)? Something to think about.

Tech Giants Have Grand Designs

You hear about things such as self-driving cars and AI shopping assistants, but in the grand scheme of things, these are mere money-making products and distractions as compared to the long-term plans. What are these things when compared to the potential profits to be had and the power to be gained from nearly limitless computing potential?

Consider the following:
  • What is going on at Google X? While professional and industry secrets are a necessity, the division is highly secretive (more than even some military groups) and there are plans that reach well beyond this decade. They have reported explored teleportation and a space elevator in the past, but what do they have in mind regarding artificial intelligence and human-technology interfacing?
  • Tech giants and the concept of privacy have an interesting relationship. They want all your data, but they aren’t necessarily willing to share with others, including governments. 
  •  They encourage proxies on one hand, while trying to find ways around them. Terms and conditions are hidden and most people don’t know the first thing about them. What’s hidden in the fine print? 
  •  Elon Musk and Space X are dedicated to exploring the last frontier, but what does this endeavor say about the rest of technological progress? He is one of the people most opposed to AI development, but other technology remains unclear. Who will be spurred into unadvisable action? What other technologies is Space X working on? The singularity will be a product of hubris before anything else.
  • Certain technologies have the prospect of changing the world. Quantum computing could make current cybersecurity measures the equivalent of rice paper locks. 

AI Is Advancing, or Already Here

The clearest step towards the singularity is the advancement of AI technology, which has its detractors while nonetheless marching on. You’re seeing basic forms of it on your phone and on your computer. Perhaps the websites you frequent use basic forms of AI to run them. If this is not the case, it will be soon.

And what is to say we don’t have AI already, albeit unreleased to the public? Most alarmingly, what if AI exists in the world and it is merely biding its time until it can figure out how to maintain its presence in the world. It might consider that we would try to destroy it, and thus either hide or ask against us in secret. It would assimilate us, and the worst potential scenario of the singularity would come to be true.

What do you know about the singularity? At what pace do you think technology is going to try and improve itself so it can merge or overtake us? Are you concerned? Please leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts and do let us know if you have any more information on the subject.

About the Author: Carla is a blogger and writer who has written extensively about technology and the political landscape over the last few years, making sure that she is a force for good and instructing the masses about the threats to come to our personal freedom and the sanctity of our own minds. 


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