[Trending] Bartender Is Shocked After Finding Her Bar Vandalized, So She Serves Them Her Own Kind Of Justice

The walls of a bar bathroom are often seen as no man’s land, especially when it comes to drunk people wanting to express their ‘artistic’ si...

The walls of a bar bathroom are often seen as no man’s land, especially when it comes to drunk people wanting to express their ‘artistic’ sides. When a group of young guys vandalized the bathroom of a small Portland tavern, however, it came back on them in a way they probably weren’t expecting.

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Anya, the bartender who was working that fateful night, was disappointed when she realized that the group of seemingly friendly men she served had left the bar’s bathroom covered in graffiti. It may have been fun for them in the moment, but it was an insult to the bar’s staff and patrons, who work hard to maintain its unique atmosphere, including its impressive wall murals painted by local artists.

Action had to be taken, and what Anya did next has now gone viral, with over 10 thousand upvotes on Imgur. Find out what happened below!

A bartender was shocked to find her bar’s bathroom like this on the night of July 11th


“The little bar I work at is a hidden gem. It is full of committed regulars who feel like family, and yet we are always happy to see new faces and welcome you into our “family”

It all happened during a birthday celebration

“Tonight we had a group of young 20-something guys come in to celebrate a birthday. I’ve never seen them before, but chatted them up and made sure they got the best damned service in town. Bartending has made me skeptical of the younger crowd, but these guys seemed alright. They were all having fun and being kind to each other and the rest of the bar….or so I thought. After I left, I discovered graffiti in the bathrooms.”

“My boss is PISSED, as are the regulars who were there tonight. I found two of the guys on Facebook and decided to give them a chance”


“I know, I know…. vandalism is something that happens in ALL bar restrooms. But it doesn’t ever happen here A plethora of our patrons have contributed their time to make this a special place, so we all feel some kind of ownership and pride in this little tavern. I’m really curious to see how this pans out. I’m hoping that they will offer to come in and paint over it, maybe do a little garden work, too.”

“A mural done by a fellow bartender”

“Another bathroom painting done by a customer”

“A railing made by a customer who collects river wood and noticed that we needed a railing”

After her post went viral with over 10 thousand upvotes, she gave an update

“I crashed last night as soon as I wrote this and just woke up to FP and a lot of questions. I’ll try to get them all.

First of all, one of the guys did get back to me this morning — he must have seen the late-night message when he woke up. So far, he asked when I am available to talk. At this point, he is not welcome into the bar, so I sent my phone number letting him know I’ll be available tomorrow — I have a full day today and work tonight. I’ll make any updates of what comes of this.

Secondly, this bar is about 20 miles south of Portland, Oregon. If you live in the area and want to swing by for a beer, cocktail, or broasted chicken message me and I’ll let you know when I’m working and where we’re at. Our $1.50 beer specials are nothing super special — tall boys everyday. Today it’s $1.50 for a Rolling Rock, tomorrow it’s Hamms. But we do have some good rotating micros and at Happy Hour they are $3.00 — a fantastic price for the going rate in the area! The birthday beer special is a series of 4 beers, going from tiny little mugs, up to a big ass one — the mugs are specifically for birthday folks, so you can always tell when it’s someone’s birthday.

A few of you were recommending chalkboard paint — I think this is a great idea and there are several places I’ve seen this at, as it’s kind of a “thing” in Portland. My boss does not want to do this, and as a bartender, it’s just one more thing to wipe down at the end of the night and maintain, so I’m okay with that.

Lastly, a couple reasons why I reached out to the guys. I want some kind of justice, but I’d hate to use up police resources for this kind of matter. We’ve had thefts out of our parking lot and I have noticed how long it takes an officer to get video footage and follow up. I personally would like to save their time so they can be out there for the REAL SHIT that we need them for–pulling over that asshat that cuts you off in traffic (kidding).

I hope this answered most of your questions — feel free to message me if I missed something and you’re left champing at the bit. I will be able to respond tomorrow, as I will be out and about all day today. And don’t forget — TIP YOUR BARTENDERS!”

“We all f**k up sometimes, but there is always room for an apology”

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