[Trending] I Started Making Comics As A Way To Relieve Stress, And Now It’s Become My Biggest Passion

Hello! My name is Bee. I’m a 21-year-old graphic design student who’s a bit of a dork. Show Full Text I began making comics in the fall...

Hello! My name is Bee. I’m a 21-year-old graphic design student who’s a bit of a dork.

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I began making comics in the fall of 2016. It started off as a way to relieve stress after I came home from work or school, but it’s become such a passion of mine over the past year that I hope I’ll be able to create comics for the rest of my life. I’m a fairly quirky, awkward person, so often times I’ll make up goofy scenarios in my head about daily things I go through in life. I personally found them fairly humorous (which isn’t saying much, since my humor can be insatiably dry) and I often wondered if others would find my ideas funny or relatable.

So I took the step and started putting my work out there for the public. To my surprise, some people DID find my work relatable. Ever since then I’ve been posting a few comics every week and have been able to connect with some amazing people around the world. What started as a stress reliever for me, soon became a stress reliever to thousands of others. People began bonding in the comment sections over something I created, and it was really cool to see! I had no idea that the goofy little ideas in my head could create such an impact.

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Hairbrush Struggles

When Your Friend’s Opinion is WRONG

That Weirdo at the Gym

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Lump Days

Long Legs

Socializing is Hard

Worthless Treasures


I Have The Memory of a Dead Gnat

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The Art Gods Are Cruel

Bubble Tea

A Civil Game of Cards

Cat Tendencies

Snack Attack

True Happiness Is…

The O’l Ball and Chain

Cold Blooded

Must have shrunk in the wash…


Saving Money

Attention Span

Poor Immune System Life


Mildly Concerned

Thanks Brain


I may bail on fashion, But fashion will never bail on me

Deception In The Workplace

Just let me eat!

Anti Doctor

When most of your friends don’t know you make comics

Peep Problem


Offensive Bra Strap

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Fashionably Never Shows Up

Everyone in my town has great character design

Worthless Treasures

Crushed It

One Trip It or Die Trying

Art is hard

How to be a Proper Host

Unsatisfied Suspense

Desperation in its Highest Form

Cleaned Up and Ready to Go


Always Tired


Summer Safety

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