[Trending] 70+ Of The Most Annoying Little Things That Will Infuriate You

There’s undoubtedly something about broken patterns, messy alignments, and other flawed elements that bothers us. Even if you don’t consider...

There’s undoubtedly something about broken patterns, messy alignments, and other flawed elements that bothers us. Even if you don’t consider yourself a perfectionist, your brain is programmed to prefer things in a nice order, and everything else may fall in the “annoying” category.

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Don’t believe me? Bored Panda has put together a list of pics to prove just how annoyed you could get in everyday situations. From a glass, standing crooked on its stem, to shipments that got messy because there was no padding, these photos will definitely grind your gears. Scroll down for the images and don’t forget to upvote the ones that annoyed you the most!

Where my toothbrush landed

Image credits: swizzledudeftw

I was wondering why I seem to go through deodorant so fast. This is brand new, never been used (labels removed)

Image credits: CHESTER_C0PPERP0T

Roommate needed a blank trophy as a prop…

Image credits: Bembahda

Amazon shipped my hot sauce without any padding

Image credits: bizzaromatt

These are the same item. Guess which is the newer batch?

Image credits: mrluckypants96

My sister always leaves a tiny portion of whatever she eats/drinks so she won’t have to throw it away

Image credits: bunnycumslut69

Can toilet paper get any thinner!?

Image credits: goodsirandy

How my wife changes the toilet paper roll

Image credits: Sinister_giraffe

The way my housemate tidied these shoes

Image credits: madchickenlady

I got $45.00 in late fees for a toll of $0.00

Image credits: Kom4K

Can’t finish the puzzle because 2 pieces are the same

Image credits: BrightenthatIdea

Amazon decided to ship my dumbbell and toothpaste in the same box

Image credits: AerodynamicHammock

Can’t hear? There. Now you can’t see either

Image credits: Drunjkk

Oblivious woman sitting in front of my dad on a 5 hour flight

Image credits: Orygun-Not-Orygone

THIS IS DONUT ANARCHY: My friend’s co-worker cut a piece out of every donut in the box

Image credits: thatpaulallen

When the sticky part isn’t aligned

Image credits: hawaiian_lab

I selected a window seat to avoid human contact

Image credits: SolomonGunnEsq

My glass isn’t centered on its stem

Image credits: Cold-AssHonky

The peel-open seal. Every. Single. Time

Image credits: Gregorwhat

Woke up late to this message. Alarm Clock, you had one job…

Image credits: BravesFan6608

My room number is 311. Guess who went the wrong way?

Image credits: shwhjw

This guy’s earbuds situation is bothering me on a deep personal level

Image credits: lick_my_chops

Seasonal fruit “salad” aka the cup of grapes

Image credits: mining_bat

The sub I bought for dinner tonight

Image credits: www.reddit.com

The way these pictures are hung in the hallway at work

Image credits: NotKay

My son’s toothpaste, ugh…

Image credits: R_DUBYA_STL

This fucking umbrella

Image credits: AwqaaqwA

I think this speaks for itself…

Image credits: austinjb555

When pencils do this garbage

Image credits: kiaha

We, too, booked a window seat on a airplane for my boy’s first flight

Image credits: cbrackenak

A $7 sandwich from Starbucks

Image credits: cracksmokachris

There’s so much wrong with the toilet roll at my parents’ house…

Image credits: NiftyPiston

There are no blueberries in my blueberry muffin

Image credits: VanessaMsMarvel

I ordered a package for next-day delivery. This is the route it’s taken over the last four days.

Image credits: EmilyamI

Alarm company installed a new thermostat and alarm panel

Image credits: collinstm

This keyboard at my work

Image credits: UniversalRemote

I live with a barbarian

Image credits: oznux

I might as well just shit with the door open

Image credits: Gingold

When the menu has no prices on it

Image credits: www.reddit.com

I’m 31

Image credits: jiggymiggy

I noted a tear in my porch screen when moving into my new apartment. This is how they fixed it

Image credits: AlannaReborn

My third grader’s math homework

Image credits: Devchonachko

The faucet in my hotel with the water turned off

Image credits: horsecave

Totaled My Car This Morning

Image credits: BigPappaQ

This faucet so close to the sink

Image credits: willsor

This can’t be happening

Image credits: johnwickham

UPSIDE DOWN? Fuck my life

Image credits: one23abc

Somehow, I managed to go 5 blissfully ignorant stair-traversing years without noticing

Image credits: OmniscientTexan

Just had the driveway resurfaced. I guess the paper boy didn’t realize

Image credits: MUCKSTERa

I opened the fridge door and all of my eggs fell out…Goodmorning Monday

Image credits: jfreels69

Game is asking me to try to reload an ad because it failed to load

Image credits: LeimBR

The poster tape is not strong enough to hold up my decorations, but it is strong enough to fuck up my wall

Image credits: Corcast

Wife doesn’t get why this lid position annoys me!

Image credits: SomethingSpecialMayb

We are a family of four…

Image credits: trantor78

This was just delivered. My door opens out

Image credits: Thingswithcookies

So my friend moved into his new dorm room

Image credits: Smallen825

One of my windows is taller than the other

Image credits: jmac2016

Paid $16 for this Caesar “salad” at a concept restaurant last night

Image credits: brodakmoment

started the day off poorly

Image credits: CappaWasDetated


Image credits: imgur.com

something you only do once

Image credits: dopeedits

Lanyard caught on the handle and my keys swung inside the door as I closed it. Stupidest way to lock yourself out?

Image credits: nkraus90

So I wanted this banana but the stems all came off of the others Now I have 4 open bananas instead of 1

Image credits: Von_Mooshall

When you ask your high friend for a straw

Image credits: golfordie27

I can grow a human. I can cook almost anything. I speak 2 languages. I live with a teenager. I always, however, lose THIS battle

Image credits: spaceroo36

Worst day ever

Image credits: www.reddit.com

Tim Hortons needs to fix this shit

Image credits: LibbieBeans

One of the most annoying things ever…

Image credits: reddit.com


Image credits: imgur.com

Annoying first world problem

Image credits: futuristMOD

I too was having a bad day

Image credits: imgur.com

Breakfast. The most frustrating meal of the day

Image credits: TheWanderingAardvark

The stairs at my work are incredibly frustrating

Image credits: areazel

People who do this frustrate me. I can only imagine how frustrating it is as a grocery store owner.

Image credits: DEMAG

Well fuck

Image credits: Medicina

My grandmother-in-law used my favorite mug for a grease cup and stuck it in the back of the fridge

Image credits: mobius153

Our cat hid my wife’s hair tie. She found it later.

Image credits: Brentpierce0

Math teacher here. Got tired of kids asking me for and not returning my pencils

Image credits: Sleal

I was having a bad day, but this is the last straw

Image credits: imgur.com

I am also having a bad day.

Image credits: imgur.com

How my girlfriend takes the first piece of freshly baked brownies.

Image credits: turdlop

Don’t ask me why I noticed this, but I did and it annoyed me

Image credits: Laiqualasse

Seriously… eleven eggs?

Image credits: Lorik_Quiin

I bought this pen today

Image credits: julianacampbell

Our landlord installed the locks to our front-door backwards…

Image credits: In7erted

My pizza came with a cardboard crust layer.

Image credits: laburtz

I ordered a plug and this is how it came in the mail

Image credits: swabianne

The fact that I spent over 100 dollars on a textbook only to get sent a loose-leaf version

Image credits: Frostiestone

I mean I’d rather you didn’t watch me pee

Image credits: BestDianaEUW

Group necklaces I bought online

Image credits: ciganous

This Popsicle I just bought

Image credits: Shkmstr

My OCD does not approve

Image credits: Brunninator

It’s not a square >_

Image credits: zenith66

I asked for olives on my veggie burger

Image credits: dino213aa

This is what sadness looks like….

Image credits: surf2sand_82

mildly annoying

Image credits: davidkovaluk

I have the urge to take all of them out to get that last earth ball

Image credits: taylorholt2010

Well that was a mildly annoying thing to lose at the start of a trip

Image credits: hungrypossum

The gap between the door and cubicle wall is a bit too wide for comfort in my office washroom. I can’t think of ONE good reason for that

Image credits: mohitmusic


Image credits: camillasavilla

Almost 3 years in this building and just realized this light wasn’t lined up with the center of the doors

Image credits: mjinpitt

My girlfriends roommate refuses to take her TV remote out of the packaging to preserve the “value” of the TV

Image credits: FullBull


Image credits: rudifriedelbrax

Never lose your place in a roll of packing tape

Image credits: el_skootro

I kill fruit flies. I have no remorse over it either.

Image credits: karinewsom

Do not fit

Image credits: miss_snapstar

Bit annoying when you’ve only just that second finished painting them

Image credits: leeighford

Having the laziest sister in the world 😡

Image credits: claudia_manigodic

of course there is no man arround when you need to zip up your dress but plenty when need to unzip the dress

Image credits: gedde_

when this happens to packing tape

Image credits: squarehypotenuse

This blade, designed to open those annoying stubborn plastic packages, is packed inside one of said packages

Image credits: RickJames13

I’m 29 and I still can’t do these right

Image credits: radroman

My new textbook after 5 weeks of usage

Image credits: Jewst

F*ck you. Love, Nature

Image credits: SirR0bin0fS0n

That’s my last one

Image credits: No_transistory

So close… yet so far

Image credits: hellyaman

My day is now ruined

Image credits: laxerado1313

This just happened

Image credits: www.reddit.com

When people insist on walking down the middle of the street when there’s a perfectly good sidewalk, then get mad at you for driving near them

Image credits: toremygooch

Annoys me whenever I walk by

Image credits: myuniqueusername10

The windows update screen was off-center and spilled into my second monitor

Image credits: futurityverb

They ticked the wrong circle

Image credits: Dennytheboss

This maintenance access panel is was installed upside down and I have to stare at it for 5 hours

Image credits: pxlcreative

the space bar has only 1 pivotal point, so when you press it on the side it doesn’t register the keystroke

Image credits: brygui14

They used a different screw

Image credits: scrublord123456

This water fountain.. I don’t want to kiss it

Image credits: Heerreewego

My new sock didn’t get fully woven in the toe area. It’s only one set of thread

Image credits: remembersarah18

Screw you keurig

Image credits: pacoman432

My car displays a long distracting message reminding you to not participate in distracted driving–while driving

Image credits: IAmTheFartThatKnocks

My box of tissues that was packaged incorrectly

Image credits: LordSparko

Why tf do they still make cords like this?!?!

Image credits: turnthebeatup

Shopping cart troll

Image credits: nomdeweb

“Yo how you wan’ it cut?” “Just fuck my shit up”

Image credits: Obscene_farmer

Those people that block window seats

Image credits: imgur.com

When butter is so hard, it does this

Image credits: reddit

Co-workers can’t figure out the automatic coffee machine.

Image credits: Akanoodle

Someone in my office opened the milk container wrong

Image credits: suppasonic

Oops, you won’t have any free Wi-Fi here!

Image credits: dak0tah

When your SO puts this back in the fridge empty.

Image credits: wilsyb

Why can’t people wipe off the toast crumbs before using the butter again?

Image credits: 16th

When people do this instead of just replacing the roll.

Image credits: kendallbass

In all honesty…

Image credits: rejhina

When this order makes you think bad about that McDonald’s employee!

Image credits: youhadonejob_official

There’s a coffee troll at work this morning. I don’t know what’s true anymore!

Image credits: Error_UserNotFound

When people put cups in the dishwasher opening up

Image credits: weld9

People with roommates will understand

Image credits: patman3435

My friend was at the airport, and this old French woman was giving no fucks.

Image credits: djTrip9

Well this is a first, in the 16 years I’ve worked here,

Image credits: kylepeartree

I want my god damned tuna

Image credits: TheOnlyPyroMain

This weird lower-case stop sign

Image credits: rubberfactory5

This shirt

Image credits: Elr0nd

All three of these lights are off

Image credits: CerryTrews

This annoys me way more than it should

Image credits: yourpostisbadandyoushouldfeelbad

This annoys me more than it should.

Image credits: thedentalhygienist

I’m trying to work!

Image credits: the.dumby

Most Annoying Photo’s Ever That Make You Uncomfortable

Image credits: upshoxblowyourmind

Big thigh problems.. every damn time

Image credits: princesscaseyxo

This shit is the exact thing I hate!

Image credits: harze_art

The second definition of literally

Image credits: lettuce_fetish

This basketball court doesn’t line up with anything

Image credits: _Wartoaster_

This girl soldering her hand

Image credits: T4212

It’s funny when I forget to make sure there’s toilet paper when I go to the toilet BUT I never seem to forget to take my phone… Thank god I can text for help 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Image credits: zaina_samoan_princess_soldier

the 2st thing that piss me off the most

Image credits: mildly-infuriating

This mad e me uncomfortable

Image credits: mildly-infuriating

The amount of packaging needed for one small pill

Image credits: mildly-infuriating

these “renovated” windows

Image credits: Jesusloveskfc

This 8 is ruining my relaxing moment by the pool..

Image credits: H1ghlightMyLife

This tile at the Chuys I just ate at

Image credits: Cabe17

The pepper being a different size is driving me crazy

Image credits: annapear

Brand new shoes with their OWN shoelaces

Image credits: reddit_0885

The orientation of these battery compartments

Image credits: brianlane723

I see what they were trying to do, but the end of that sentence is making my skin crawl

Image credits: _ghoulnextdoor

My wife’s earbuds do not match and she does not care

Image credits: Hamibh

This pattern in the pathway designed to go around the planted trees is instead placed just outside the trees

Image credits: ElliottP1707

When you slice a bread and can’t make the sandwich

Image credits: bluebell959

Of all the places the ketchup could drop…

Image credits: thek2kid

How not to finish borders

Image credits: Hilltopchill

The way they ‘remade’ this crossing

Image credits: Pidiotpong

I can’t be the only one who gets annoyed by this

Image credits: Fluxxe

Someone at work asked if they could have one of my Sudafed

Image credits: WEIGHED

Where the enter button isn’t

Image credits: hotterthanahandjob

One pup out of place

Image credits: fxfxfx

My 31th favorite street

Image credits: JequalsLplusR

This deck

Image credits: C0R3YM4N

4,998 pieces and 3 months later. A new circle of hell

Image credits: omgitskedwards


Image credits: visionarygirl

This volume adjust

Image credits: CianOisin

When your clueless teacher leaves the cursor on the playbar

Image credits: Sketchylemons

These lights switches in my parents’ house

Image credits: throwawaycanadian

38 is the maximum volume of my truck’s radio

Image credits: solidcopy

My collection is complete chaos now, EA

Image credits: xyzor

Parking lot in Romania

Image credits: MihaiM24

When your binder rings get messed up

Image credits: j246475

This door is made to look crooked even though it’s straight

Image credits: reddit

Measuring lines on a non see-through cups

Image credits: shifty12

ripped the paper, ripped again when I tried to fix it

Image credits: parallel_trees

Ramp leads to stairs. Stairs lead to ramp

Image credits: TerroristOgre

This 10 of diamonds only has 9 diamonds

Image credits: Supervarken_

The eight in this clock

Image credits: macafeu88

I had to spend far too long trying to find floor 26…

Image credits: moza_m

My office’s inability to remove old soap dispensers

Image credits: Panguin

It speaks for itself:

Image credits: RobbieRusskijRotten

How my wife takes her k-cups out of the holder

Image credits: imgur.com

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