[Trending Now] MUST SEE! Here Are the Top 5 Controversial Pinoy B0ld Movies That Almost Got Banned! #5 Is Extremely Shocking!

Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, so-called “ bomba ” films appeared in the landscape of Philippine cinema, to the delight of Filipinos.  Desp...

Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, so-called “bomba” films appeared in the landscape of Philippine cinema, to the delight of Filipinos. 

Despite being a source of entertainment, the “soft-core porn” films provided pleasure to the inner voyeurism of people.

According to Philippine Star, a few of these were ‘Busog,’ ‘Gutom,’ ‘Hayok,’ ‘Saging ni Pacing,’ ‘Batuta ni Dracula,’ and ‘Bukid ay Basa.’ 

Although it briefly stopped when former President Marcos placed the nation under Martial Law, it nevertheless paved the way for a “b0lder” cinematic landscape, so to speak.

In that era, there were some films which were considered extremely controversial that cinemas almost banned the showing of them to the public.

YouTube account ‘Pinoy Top List’ compiled what they considered the top five among those films and listed them in their video.

1. Burlesk Queen (1977) 

‘Burlesk Queen’ starred Vilma Santos playing the role of a stripper. This shocked people because Vilma was known to play wholesome roles before, but this movie changed all that. It did not help that she had to dance s*xily in some scenes.

It tells the story of a poor girl who has to work in burlesque performances in order to help out her family who are drowning in poverty. 

2. Red Diaries (2001) 

‘Red Diaries’ featured Assunta de Rossi and it got banned because the Philippine National Police thought that it placed the image of a police officer in a bad light. 

It tells the story of a martyr wife who has an abusive policeman as her husband. The husband lets his fellow officers “use” her for their pleasure. Despite protests, the film was still shown to the public. 

3. Scorpio Nights (1985) 

‘Scorpio Nights’ gained controversy because it allegedly mirrored the Philippine society back in the early ‘80s. 

It featured Anna Marie Gutierrez and Daniel Fernando in s*xually-charged scenes and had lots of excessive skin exposure. 

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) gave it a rating of “X,” meaning it was not deemed suitable to be shown in cinemas. It was only featured in the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines (ECP). 

4. Kontrobersyal (1981) 

‘Kontorbersyal’ starred Phillip Salvador and Gina Alajar, and was directed by National Artist Lino Brocka.

It talks about pornography and how it should be condemned but the irony of the ironies, the movie was condemned simply because of that. 

It was almost banned in the cinemas because most of the scenes were considered “obscene” and “offensive” to the viewers. 

5. Toro or Live Show (2000) 

‘Toro’ depicted the lives of men and women who were born into poverty and forced to perform live s*xual intercourse in nightclubs for money. 

It became one of the most-talked-about films during its release and got banned in all movie theaters. 

People considered the plotline too sensitive because it dealt with the lives of “torerors” and “toreras,” or those who do “live shows” for a living. 

Most viewers believed that the film deserved international recognition because it allegedly gave a new meaning to the words “s*x” and “s*xuality.” 

See the whole video report about it here: 

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Source: TNP , YouTubephilstar


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