[Trending Now] WATCH: Isabelle Daza Almost Gets Naked With the World's Hottest Math Teacher in This Game! SEE HERE!

What do you do when the ‘ World’s Hottest Math Teacher ’ is in the room with you? There are a large number of people who hate Math as a s...

What do you do when the ‘World’s Hottest Math Teacher’ is in the room with you? There are a large number of people who hate Math as a subject but Pietro Boselli is out to prove the world that Math’s not the most boring subject out there. 

Apart from teaching mathematics, Pietro is also an Italian engineer and a former lecturer of mathematics at the University College London. He’s also a Bench/BODY model

Pietro began his modeling career at the young age of six and since then, has not backed out. He modeled for Armani Junior, which is an Italian design and fashion house. He also obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering, where he graduated with first class honors in 2010. 

Then Pietro went on to get his Doctor of Philosophy candidature immediately after, in which he also simultaneously taught mathematics to undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering. 

It was in 2014 when his outstanding physique was discovered by the world—-a student took note of his body build and his modeling stint, posting it on Facebook. The post went viral and soon after, Pietro was able to sign a contract with Models 1, a British modeling agency. 

Ever since, Pietro has been touted the ‘World’s Sexiest/Hottest Math Teacher.’ His Instagram account has 1.7 million followers as of this writing.

Recently, he went to Manila to sign on as the newest ambassador of Bench, a local clothing brand. He appeared on the fashion runway during the last day of Bench Fashion Week and introduced himself to the press, where he gave a brief story of his own background. 

In Philippine Entertainment Portal’s video, Pietro was seen playing with Isabelle Daza, who is one of the so-called ‘It Girls.’

The two indulged in a ‘Bato Bato Strip,’ where the player has to remove one item of his or her clothing when they lose a round. 

It came to the point that Isabelle only had a one-piece left and Pietro, only wearing a set of briefs. 

See how it went here! 

What do you think? Would you want to play ‘Bato Bato Strip’ with this guy?

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