[Trending Now] WATCH: Gay Teacher Who Publicly Went Wild After Seeing His Alleged Boyfriend With a Girl Issues His Public Apology!

Earlier this week, many social media users went mad when a video of a gay teacher arguing with his alleged boyfriend dominated the inte...

Earlier this week, many social media users went mad when a video of a gay teacher arguing with his alleged boyfriend dominated the internet. The video reached a millions of views and shares as it features the anger of the teacher upon seeing his alleged boyfriend with another girl. Netizens were shocked when the teacher mentioned that he was giving money to his alleged boyfriend. The video went extremely viral and was blogged by numerous online news sites.

To give light to what happened to the involved parties after the video circulated online, TV and radio program ‘Raffy Tulfo In Action’ paved the way for the gay teacher to issue his public apology.

Jason Bisarra, the gay teacher on the video, went to the TV and radio program hosted by Raffy Tulfo to issue his public apology as per the instructions of the parents of Carmelo Paruli and Christine Nocidal. Carmelo and Christine are the minors who are involved in the scandal. Upon asking for the apology of their parents, Bisarra admitted that he was under the influence of alcohol when the incident happened.

“Humihingi po ako ng sorry atsaka patawad po sa mga magulang nung dalawang bata na inaway-away ko. Sa mga nasabi ko na hindi magaganda tungkol sa lumabas na caption na boyfriend ko ‘yung bata. Hindi po totoo ‘yon. Tapos lahat po ng sinabi ko don ay hindi po totoo at nadala po ako ng impluwensya ng alak. Sana po mapatawad niyo po ako gaya ng sabi niyo nga po ‘yung hiling niyo na magpublic apology, nagawa ko na po. Ito na po. Humihingi po ako ng sorry sana po maayos na po natin ‘yung kaso”, Bisarra said sincerely.

The parents of the children involved were on the telephone line to give their reactions to Bisarra’s public apology. Josephine Paruli, Carmelo’s mother, wanted Bisarra to clarify if he really has a romantic relationship with her child. She also wanted him to confirm if he really gives him money as his allowance. Mrs. Josephine is concerned about Carmelo’s dignity as he was reported to be ashamed of going to school when the incident went viral.

Bisarra then immediately denied his relationship with Carmelo. He insisted that he was just drunk when he made the claims in the video. He also denied giving money to Carmelo. 

On the other hand, Christine’s mother, Neda Nocidal was not appeased with the public apology. She claimed that her child was really traumatized by the incident and it has affected her school attendance. She then announced that she is still determined to file legal charges against the teacher.

Bisarra then received forgiveness from Mrs. Josephine. Mrs. Josephine claimed that his public apology is already enough and she will not pursue to file a case against him. She claimed that she completely understand that Bisarra is also needed by his family as they survive through his financial support. However because of the incident, his teacher’s license was then suspended. Mrs. Josephine confirmed that she will help Bisarra to change Mrs. Neda’s mind regarding their legal charges. 

In the end, Bisarra shared the important lesson he learned from the incident.

Watch the full interview here:

Do you think that the public apology is already enough? If you were the children’s parents, would you also forgive him like Mrs. Josephine or still file legal charges like Mrs. Neda? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!
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