[Trending Now] VIRAL: This Group Of A Capella Singers That Are Trending Because of Their 'Tatlong Bibe' Cover Has Another Video That Will Ultimately Amaze You! Must Watch!

When the childrens ’ song ' Tatlong Bibe ' dominated the social media community, numerous renditions of the song circulated onlin...

When the childrens’ song 'Tatlong Bibe' dominated the social media community, numerous renditions of the song circulated online. These videos garnered the attention of the netizens as one video goes viral after the other. Nobody really expected that this educational song would be the country's national anthem for a brief moment. 

One of the 'Tatlong Bibe' videos which marked the memory of many netizens is the rendition performed by Acapellago, a group of singers which, as the word play in their name implies, perform without the use of any musical instruments. Their vocal techniques give color and texture to the song as if there was musical accompaniment. They amazed the social media community because of their extraordinary singing talent. 

Acappellago is once again the hottest topic on social media because of their rendition of yet another unexpected trending song. Their version of "May Ritemed Ba Nito" went immediately viral with 79,000 Facebook reactions and 44,000 shares. 

Watch the video here: 

The viral song "May Ritemed Ba Nito?" started as a commercial jingle of a medicine brand which promises its consumers cheaper, more affordable drugs. The brand's theme song is so catchy that it has dominated different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Netizens tried to share how they associate this song to their daily lives including their 'hugot' stints and witty jokes. When the song caught the "kiliti of the masa", it could be heard almost anywhere and anytime. 

Meanwhile, netizens once again expressed their praise and amusement on the a capella group's pure talent which can be seen in the video. Who would have expected that the group would show so much art in singing a simple commercial jingle? It can be claimed that they really proved that their talents can give a wonderful treatment to any musical piece. 

Are you caught up with this commercial jingle? Did this give you 'Last Song Syndrom' (LSS)? (There is no pharmaceutical treatment for LSS, unfortunately Ritemed doesn't have anything for it). Share what you think of this new viral video in the comments section below. 
Source: TNP , Facebook


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