[Trending Now] Toni Gonzaga Asks PBB Housemate Maymay: 'May gusto ka ba kay Edward higit pa sa pagkakaibigan?'

‘Pinoy Big Brother’ is currently in its thirteenth season , with the ‘PBB: Lucky 7’ edition acting as its third special season. It premier...

‘Pinoy Big Brother’ is currently in its thirteenth season, with the ‘PBB: Lucky 7’ edition acting as its third special season. It premiered on July 2016 and features Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, and Robi Domingo as its hosts. 

The participants were initially divided into three groups the Celebrity housemates, the Teen housemates, and the Regular housemates. On the 145th day of the housemates, Big Brother announced that a ‘Dream Team’ would be formed. 

This will comprise of twelve housemates from different batches and they will be competing for the grand spot. The participants who were initially chosen to be part of the team were Elisse Joson, Jinri Park, Nonong Ballinan, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin, Maymay Entrata, Yong Muhajil, Aura Azarcon, Cora Waddell, Jerome Alacre, and Tanner Mata. 

The housemates are currently on their 227th day and the latest happenings feature them being placed in a lie detector seat, where Toni, the host, asked them a series of questions that they must answer honestly. 

One of the housemates placed in the hot seat was Maymay. Toni began with the question, “Magpaparetoke ka ba in the future?” 

To which Maymay wasn’t able to answer immediately. She looked at the host for a few seconds and then answered clearly, “Hindi po, ma’am.” 

The lie detector buzzed and confirmed Maymay’s answer as the truth. Toni affirmed, “Totoo. Naniniwala ka sa angkin mong kagandahan. Tama ‘yan,” she said with a smile. 

Then Toni proceeded to ask her another one, “May gusto ka ba kay Edward, higit pa sa pagkakaibigan?” 

Maymay silently looked at the host and it could be noticed that her lips slightly quivered at the question. 

“Yes or no?” Toni asked the teen.

Silence filled the room once again but this time, it was longer than the first one. It seemed that Maymay couldn’t give out an answer right away. 

Watch what she replied here! 

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Source: TNP, ABS-CBN


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