[Trending Now] REAL-LIFE MEAN GIRLS: These Female Chinese Bullies Brutally Slap and Kick Their Fellow Classmate!

Middle school is where students usually finds their long - term friends . This is the stage when a young dreamer can discover the skill...

Middle school is where students usually finds their long-term friends. This is the stage when a young dreamer can discover the skills and characteristics that could potentially shape his or her future. Often, this is when one makes priceless memories with his or her school buddies.

However, this is not what a Chinese student experienced in her middle school journey. Disturbing footage of a girl gang brutally beating one of their classmates on top of a rooftop sparked attention from the online community because of the violence that was exhibited in the video.

According to shanghaiist.com, the girl in the video was identified as Huang, a student from the Siyuan Middle School in Yongxin County, Jiangxi, China

The English-language Chinese news site reported that Huang was their class president. However, her classmate Liu and her gang of bullies were seemingly unsatisfied with Huang's leadership. They sent her a message asking her to meet them on the rooftop of a building near their school to come up with a resolution.

Huang did not expect that a group of 6 to 7 bullies would take turns repeatedly slapping, kicking and hitting her. Despite her constant pleas for them to stop, they continued. 

Huang was severely outnumbered and refused to fight back. The humiliating and violent ordeal lasted for more than five minutes

The disturbing footage spread across the internet and has granted netizens awareness about the high rate of bullying in China

Asia One reported that since the video was uploaded in Tencent, it has already been viewed more than 150 million times.

Fortunately, the bullies were identified and the case was reported to the Yongxin County Police Department. Huang was sent to the nearest hospital for examination of her injuries and much-needed medical treatment.

Watch the disturbing footage here:




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