[Trending Now] This Huge Snake Was Discovered in a Drainage At Batangas! You Have to See How Big This Reptile Is!

A common phobia many people have is ophidiophobia or the fear of snakes . Whether it’s because of their association to religious figures...

A common phobia many people have is ophidiophobia or the fear of snakes. Whether it’s because of their association to religious figures or the fact that some are poisonous killers, snakes get a bad reputation all around the world. 

Many don't dare touch, get near, or even think about these slithering reptiles.

There are some however who hold snakes in high regard like pet owners. Some men are simply too brave to be afraid by any animal regardless of how poisonous...or huge they can get.

This sort of bravery is what these 3 Batanguenos proved in a trending video.

In Batangas, locals were shocked to discover an enormous snake had taken up residence in a street drain.

Netizen Orlando Piamonte posted the exciting and dangerous confrontation between the snake and 3 men on his Facebook page.

He wrote the caption: “Lesson 101: how to catch big snakes.. The batangueno way” 

The video from 2015 begins with a man attempting to grab a hold of the snake and pulling out of the drain. Unfortunately it slipped out from his grasp and slithered back to the dark waters. 

He tried again with better luck, grabbing the snake and tossing it to the ground. Onlookers let out panicked reactions once they saw the animal.

Two other men came to help the first guy. One held a long and thick bamboo shoot while the other carried a sack.

All three men managed to capture the snake inside the sack. 

Warning: Do not try what you are about to watch at home. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Watch details of the giant snake here!

The Facebook video has reached over 1.6M Views with as many as 20K shares and 18K reactions as of writing.

What a crazy and action-packed afternoon!

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Source: TNP, Kami


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