[Trending Now] WATCH: What This Kitten Is Doing On This Man's Private Part Is Unbelievable!

Have you seen a " pussycat " doing her " job " of comforting her master in the most "pleasurable" way? Th...

Have you seen a "pussycat" doing her "job" of comforting her master in the most "pleasurable" way?

The video, which was posted by Parinya Porsche on Facebook shows his kitten is happily massaging her owner's p*nis while he is filming it.

The kitten is treating his p*nis covered with his boxers like she's going to sleep on it all night.

The reactions, however, were mixed. Some were saying the video is cute and funny while some are criticizing for sexually exploiting the poor kitty.

Currently, the video has more than five million views. Yup, FIVE MILLION VIEWS.

Source: TNP, Facebook


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