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Pranks are everywhere. It happens to every friendship circle , and with the digital age where soci...

Pranks are everywhere. It happens to every friendship circle, and with the digital age where social media becomes a part of our daily lives, pranks have become more and more rampant and popular. 

This prank though, is one of the most random and weirdest, yet hmm, well, for a good reason.. It longed to bring humor to an idiom- "camel toe" which refers to women's private parts being obviously visible  with clothes.  Well, some prefer to flaunt it, however, some are just completely unaware. 

So what are you going to do if some random guy approached you and told you "Your camel toe is showing." We're sure you'd be pretty conscious, embarrassed or somewhat shocked. That is what this prank just did! A random guy approaches almost every girl passing by a certain street in the US, telling them that their camel toe is showing. But the twist was, he was actually pertaining to a live camel. 

This sent some of the girls into giggles while some were completely offended with the act. But whatever, the prank's still fun and has now garnered over 258K views on Youtube in the span of 2 days!

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP, Youtube


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