[Trending Now] Prank Gone Wrong: 1st Killer Clown Pranskter In the Philippines Gets Robbed and Beaten by Rugby Boys!

The first ever “ Killer Clown ” prankster in the Philippines was hospitalized after he was robbed and beaten by 4 rugby boys in Quezon Ci...

The first ever “Killer Clown” prankster in the Philippines was hospitalized after he was robbed and beaten by 4 rugby boys in Quezon City Circle last October 7 at around 11 p.m.

The prankster was identified as Vincent Ledger, 21 years old. According to reports, Ledger was planning to imitate the infamous “Killer Clown” pranksters when he went to the wrong destination where he will do the prank. Instead of scaring the 4 boys he saw, he was shocked when they suddenly attacked him and threw rocks at him.

 The boys also robbed him his cellphones, wallet and Go Pro after beating him. Due to the incidence, Ledger has to be taken to Quezon City General Hospital for the treatment of his injuries. Reports also said that he is expected to be discharged from the hospital on Monday.

Another same incident was reported but by this time, the “Killer Clown” prankster in Cubao, Quezon City was arrested due to alleged possession of illegal drugs last October 8 at around 12 pm.

The “Killer Clown” pranksters have been hitting the social media by storm as they became more and more trending around the globe. The Killer clown pranksters originated in US and reports said that they have been walking the streets of UK as well.

A Facebook page called “The Clowns- Philippines” has identified themselves as the official killer clown pranksters that are currently roaming around the streets of the country. Although there are no reports saying that Ledger and “The Clown-Philippines” are connected with each other, traces of “The Clowns- Philippines” are found circulating the social media community. They also shared their experience of terrorizing Cagayan de Oro and their plans of doing the prank in Makati and Malabon City.


Due to incidence suffered by Ledger, police officials are warning people about doing the prank in the country. It is because they might experience what Ledger had suffered upon doing the prank.

However, not only in the Philippines these crazy pranks are going wrong. Cases of malpractice of this prank in the United States can be found as well. 9gag published a video post of a killer clown prankster being brutally beaten by a group of gangsters in US. Another story was shared dailymotion.com about a killer clown prankster who almost got shot while doing his act.

Meanwhile, police said that while this kind of pranks are effective in imposing fear to people, pranksters must be careful as their lives may be put in danger because of this.


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