[Trending Now] Heart Evangelista At Senator Miriam Santiago's Wake: 'Until We Meet Again'

Saturday, was the last day of the wake for the late Senator Miriam Defensor - Santiago . The passing of Senator Santiago came just afte...

Saturday, was the last day of the wake for the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

The passing of Senator Santiago came just after a week that she was brought to the hospital for various health complications.

July 2, 2014, the Senator said that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4. Despite being teary-eyed, she even joked that she was “excited” because she had the disease.

Last Saturday, Actress Heart Evangelista gave a mournful eulogy to her "second mother" and hero.

Evangelista emphasized the compassionate and loving side which is seldom seen by the public that has known Senator Santiago for her fierce wit and poise.

The actress came with her husband, Sen. Francis Escudero, who is a member of President Rodrigo Duterte’s party. Santiago became the cupid between her Senate colleague and Evangelista.

Evangelista mentioned that whenever she needs Santiago, she was there for her.

"For indeed those were the times everything and anything was possible with you by my side, with you holding my hand," the actress said. "You were my fairy godmother, my protector, my hero, my mother, and my best friend,” Evangelista said.

"You made me feel like the world was just waiting for me to spread my wings and make my dreams come true. You made me feel how special I was and I was indeed a child of the universe, as you would always say. You were ever so generous of your time and your heart to me, everybody wanted to be with you and yet you gave me so much of your borrowed time," Evangelista said.

"You held my hand so tight and when it was my time to face the world, you allowed me to spread my wings. And though it was probably hard for you to let go, now I understand."

"Because now that it's my turn to let go, it's so hard. I do not want to but I know I have to. I take comfort in knowing that I will see you again."

"You have touched me so deeply and yet you changed me permanently. You guided me perfectly into this world when I needed guidance the most and for that, I thank you. I will forever be grateful for the love you made me feel."

Evangelista concluded with,"Thank you so much. For now I shall say goodbye and with a sad smile, I will say, until we meet again.”

The 71-year-old Senator who passed away after a long fight with cancer was laid to her rest last Sunday.

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN


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