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The heat at the House Of Representative's debate over Charter Change has gone out of hand as two congressmen almost brawled. Surigao D...

The heat at the House Of Representative's debate over Charter Change has gone out of hand as two congressmen almost brawled. Surigao Del Norte Representative Robert 'Ace' Barbers and Surigao Del Sur Representative Prospero Pichay Jr's almost got into a fistfight which caused the hearing on Wednesday of the committee of the House of Representatives Constitutional Amendment to adjourn.

The committee was then tackling measures necessary for the amendment of the charter with regards to the changing of the government to a federal parliamentary as follow to President Rodrigo Duterte's call.

The heat began when Pichay contradicted Deputy Speaker Cebu Representative Gwen Garcia's motion recommending the assemblage of the constituent to be the mode of Charter Change. Pichay suggested for the Senate to be invited in regards the motion of Garcia due to the 1987 constitution that indicates the need for the Congress in the amendment of the Charter aside from the House of Representatives.

"The Constitution says Congress, not the House of Representatives. The resolution should be amended to invite the upper chamber to join us as far as the direct amendment is concerned," Pichay said. "The Constitution says Congress upon a vote of three-fourths of all its members. Saan nakalagay ang Con-ass?"

However, Pichay was quickly slammed by Barbers who then persuaded the committee into ignoring "stupid motions".

"This is a point of order. Let us not be entertaining senseless motions, those are stupid motions. Let's not pretend to be constitutionalism here," sais Barbers.

This then led to the suspension of the hearing due to the argument of the legislators. However, during the suspension, the heat further rose as Barbers walked towards Pichay and pointed his fingers at him adding the expletive "P*****i** mo".

Pichay also shot back at Barbers saying "Anong problema mo (What’s your problem)? P***** i** mo rin."

The fiery solons almost brawled as Pichay almost grabbed the other if it was not for Marlyn Primicias-Agabas, the representative of Pangasinan, who prevented the two from turning the House committee hearing into a messy feud.

Due to the near fight, the committee hearing was adjourned by Kabayan Representative Harry Roque.

"I move that we adjourn the hearing because we have a situation here," he said.

Barbers later apologized to both the congress and the public during a phone interview.

"Sorry sa taumbayan. Uncalled for you ginawa ko. Kasi syempre it was just a verbal altercation. Wala namang physical na nangyari. Kung may nasagasaan ako, humingi hingi ako ng patawad," he said. "My apology is not to him (Pichay). Mali ko doon ay nagsalita ako ng masama na dala rin ng pagsasalita niya."

Pichay has also spoken with regards the issue.

"I was making a manifestation regarding the motion of Congresswoman Garcia…I only made an observation that we’re not Congress, we are the House of Representatives. Perhaps we should amend the motion. Suddenly I don’t know where his anger came from. He uttered an unparliamentary word. He should apologize not to me, but to the institution. This is an institution where everybody should always act as a statesman. Hindi ito palengke," he said.

"I don’t need his sorry. I will file actually sa ethics committee for conduct unbecoming. That is a behavior that should not be tolerated by the House leadership," Pichay added.

Source: TNP, Inquirer


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