[Trending Now] Anti-Duterte? Celebrity Couple Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes Will Make You Change Your Mind. Read This!

Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes is a celebrity couple who loves President Rodrigo Duterte . This lovely couple had blog post titled &qu...

Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes is a celebrity couple who loves President Rodrigo Duterte. This lovely couple had blog post titled "Me and Maricar's Thoughts on our Presidentiables" where they wrote about the candidates their supported last elections.

As an introduction,  they expressed deep gratitude for Former President Aquino.

"For the record, I just want to say that I have huge respect and thankfulness for President Noynoy Aquino.  Inspite the bashing from many, in comparison to previous administrations, President Noy(with all his flaws and mistakes) has done great good for our country—and I give him honor where honor is due."

Here are the reasons of the couple why they pro Duterte. 


"Years ago, I was skeptical at Duterte. I heard rumors that he was a feared “berdugo”(executioner of criminals). Curfews at night. No smoking in certain areas, Liquor bans. Maximum 40 kph on the road???!!!"

"But unknowingly, my MANY TRIPS TO DAVAO to sing for many years OPENED UP CONVERSATIONS with the people there. I was shocked yet CURIOUSLY AMAZED that taxi drivers, ordinary employees LOVE & RESPECT him! In their own words, Duterte was THE EXACT OPPOSITE of the MANY ACCUSATIONS. Many say this is because the Mayor PROTECTED THEM FROM EVIL."

"In my circles, most of the people who judge Duterte as an ill leader have NEVER BEEN TO DAVAO to witness his reforms first-hand."

"And if Duterte’s ways are really off, will not Davao and the surrounding Muslim world rebel and oust him even in earlier days? "

"I must admit, WITHOUT MY MANY CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE FROM DAVAO, I would not realize who Duterte really is. So from my heart, thank you so much Davaoenos for showing me Duterte’s truth in real everyday life."


"Perfection is out of the question. All Presidentiables don’t have every single person rooting for him/her. If you have some intelligence groups, you’ll know that INSIDE the same party, politicians that dislike each other ARE FAKING smiles onstage & on TV commercials….even holding hands for shared goals:)"

"I put this argument on the shelf, as it is a waste of time. The voices of the majority of Davao, the surrounding Muslim areas, and the militant groups in Mindanao are clear on Duterte."
Source: TNP, Filipinews


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