25 Ways To Maximize Your Closet Space To The Fullest

Most of us will reach a point in life where we need a little space. For our stuff. While the minimalist lifestyle is appealing, the honest t...

Most of us will reach a point in life where we need a little space. For our stuff. While the minimalist lifestyle is appealing, the honest truth is that most people are lacking in storage. Maybe you’re crammed into a small house or apartment to save money; maybe you just really like clothing and accessories; or maybe you live in a place that has four separate and distinct seasons and wildly different wardrobe needs for each. Whatever your reasons, you may find yourself with more stuff than space, or perhaps you’re just putting off cleaning out your closets. To inspire you to organizational greatness, here’s a list of 25 Ways To Maximize Your Closet Space To The Fullest.


A kitchen paper towel holder mounted inside a door or on a narrow wall can hold scarves and necklaces, and you can use a small towel bar with S hooks for belts.


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Use wasted space; little weird nooks and crannies can fit small bookshelves to hold your accessories like purses.


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Use a set of heavy duty canvas bags instead of hampers to pre-sort your washing. They're easier to carry, and particularly handy if you have to make trips to the laundromat.


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Remove things that aren't clothes, shoes, or accessories. Plastic bags that come back with your dry cleaning, boxes of letters from past lovers, Christmas presents you bought in June, etc.


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Use thinner, matching hangars. Thicker hangers take up more room, and the fancy cascading hangars or weirdly shaped ones can be hard to get things off of and end up just going unused and taking up space. Uniform hangars just make your whole closet look neater and more pulled together.


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If you don't have a walk in closet, consider taking off your folding closet door and replacing it with curtains. This allows you to store bigger things in your closet, or fit furniture in your small room that might not otherwise fit with closet doors open.


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Install a second, lower rod in your closet. Unless you have long coats or dresses, most hanging garments don't reach to the floor. Make use of the space between the bottom of your shirts and the floor.


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If you're in a rental and can't make any significant changes like adding a second rod, consider hanging storage. You can buy hanging cubes, shelves, and shoe racks that all hang from your standard closet rod.


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Use non closet items - like decorative branches, ice cube trays, and bulletin boards - to organize jewelry.


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Make sure you're using your corners. Simple corner shelves or hanging rods that cross over can help you use every inch of available space.


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Add a hook - called a valet hook - just inside or just outside your closet. This can be used for holding dry cleaning or hanging up tomorrow's outfit the night before.


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Check out number 3 to find out what to do when you simply run out of closet space all together.


For non walk in closets, adding in a dresser can help you store significantly more clothes in a small space than you might have otherwise.


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Add an LED lighting rod or two, and it can completely change the way you see your closet and how you think to use the space. It also makes it feel a lot cheerier. If you can't install a new light, try to at least get a "natural white" LED light bulb.


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Label everything in a box. It's great to use boxes to store out of season clothing or shoes, but if you don't label things you're just going to make a mess looking for them.


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Build a second shelf above your existing closet shelf, allowing you to use every inch of storage space.


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Painting a small space a bright, happy color, often makes it seem bigger and more inviting. Even if this doesn't technically add storage space, it adds happiness.


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Color code your closet! It takes a little bit of effort, but when you want to find your favorite black tee shirt or green sweater, you know where they are, sans wasted time and frustration.


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Group all long items (dresses and coats) together, and all short items (tee shirts, jackets) together, freeing up space under the shorter items for boxes, shoes, or another hanging rod.


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If you have the space, put a mirror up. Mirrors not only help you see yourself so you can see how amazing you look, they make a small space seem much, much bigger.


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Use the back of the door! You can hang a shelving unit, a mirror, or any number of specialty door organizers on this oft forgotten bit of closet real estate.


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Condense small items like sunglasses, wallets, and cell phone cases into baskets or fabric cubes on shelves.


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The most frequently used items should be stored at eye level, less used items (or shoes) below, and least used items on top shelves.


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If your closet is so tiny that after your best efforts, you still can't fit everything inside it, never fret, just look elsewhere. Under bed storage boxes are great for out of season clothes, or shoes, and a set of two runs about $15.


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Use a hanging organizer, boxes, tiered shelving units, or a shoe holder to hold shoes. Nothing says sloppy closet like a big ol' pile of shoes. You can get shoebox sized clear plastic boxes at most dollar stores or big box stores for very cheap if you need them, and pick up a shoe organizer for around $12.


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Clean out your closet! If you haven't worn it in 12 months (wedding /high dress attire excluded), or if it doesn't fit, if it's torn, broken or stained and you're not going to fix it right now (today), if you don't feel confident and awesome when you wear it, if you're keeping it out of guilt or sentimentality, donate it or throw it away.


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