[Trending Now] WATCH: Guys Are Shocked When A Woman Did This To Them!

A video went viral on Facebook that made guys go, WOW . Believed to be a social experiment, a ...

A video went viral on Facebook that made guys go, WOW.

Believed to be a social experiment, a woman grabs the private part of random men all around a city. Men whom their private part was held have different reactions. Some were surprised, dumbfounded and even happy

This video already garnered 55k likes, 53k comments and 160, 733 shares! 

However, this video showed the different perspective of men and women. Especially the gesture that was done in the video.

Comment on Facebook went:

“It’s not funny. Imagine if guys will do this to you girls. What would be your reaction? I think you would sue the guy for sexual assault. Girls, if you want to be treated with respect, start with yourself.” – Chuck Batiancila Sido
“Obviously it was a social experiment, men and boys with no training how to approach or treat a women have been exuding this kind of behavior for decades especially in urban areas and neighborhoods. Now just imagine it happened to your, mother, sister, cousin, aunty, niece, daughters. What would your response really be? So tired of the double standard mentality.” – Victoria Smith

“You suck at social cues Courtney, try looking at the video through unbiased eyes and you'd see several men pull away, majority of their cuts are done before they even get a chance to react.” – Manny Gonzalez

Their thoughts regarding this video are parted.
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Source: TNP , Facebook  , Youtube


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