[Trending Now] This Police Officer Was Accused of Slapping a Female Driver on EDSA! The Driver's Reaction Is Priceless!

Philippine National Police ( PNP ) Highway Patrol Group authority was accused of orally defaming and slapping a female driver on EDSA l...

Philippine National Police (PNP) Highway Patrol Group authority was accused of orally defaming and slapping a female driver on EDSA last Saturday.

The said woman, alias Rachel, was signalled by police officer Senior Inspector Rufino Noog to halt as he blocked the car to sit on the hood, which was captured on the dash cam footage which was shared by ABS-CBN News. 

Furthermore, although this was not captured on the said dash cam footage for an unknown reason, Rachel accused the officer of slapping her although Noog claimed that she tried to run over him. 

According to Rachel, Noog allegedly backed away from her only upon realizing that her car was equipped with a dash cam.

"Nakita niya, parang nag-back off siya. Ang ginawa niya is parang walang nangyari eh di ko nilabas yung phone ko, pinicturan ko siya," she told reporters.

Rachel later on sought for another officer's help as she narrated the encounter with Noog. The officer apologized to her aftrwards in behalf of Noog. Despite the officer's attempt to make peace with her through the apology, Rachel did not easily let the incident pass which further led to a talk at the headquarters of HPG in Camp Crame.

After a talk with a few fellow officers of Noog, he tried apologizing to her according to Rachel.

"Sabi niya pasensya na, siguro dala na din ng trabaho at init. Sabi ko naiintindihan ko naman," she said.

However, despite Rachel's statement she rejected signing a document of formal acceptance to the apology and has now filed a complaint at the NBI division of Anti-Organized and Transnational Crime division.

Noog refused an interview with the ABS-CBN News, however he denied the accusations of Rachel and claimed that he was only trying to wake her up as she looked drowsy through lightly tapping on her face.

He will now be facing administrative charges for physical injury, oral defamation and slander.

Source: TNP , Rachfeed


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